18 JavaScript Projects with Source Code (JS Project Ideas 2024)

JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language developers use to have complete control over the web elements while building interactive frontend elements of a website. Most browsers support this adaptable language because of its in-built execution environment. Developers combine it with HTML, CSS, and JS frameworks to create powerful web programs. 

Anyone who is just getting started with JS should test their skills and knowledge through a few JavaScript projects. This helps them gain hands-on experience and get a practical idea of how it functions. 

Does the thought of developing engaging websites or web apps excite you? Are you looking for unique ideas for JavaScript projects? Then we have got you covered. 

This blog shares the top ideas for a JavaScript project with source code for beginners and experienced professionals.

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What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a popular programming language used in frontend web development. Developers use this versatile language to build interactive and appealing web pages with interactive elements, such as buttons, forms, animations, etc. 

When combined with NodeJS, JavaScript is used in backend development to build server-side applications. 

Anyone taking an online web development course to pursue a career in web development must work on multiple projects for JavaScript to gain hands-on experience and build a solid portfolio. 

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JavaScript Project Ideas for Beginners in 2024

Here are six amazing ideas for a project for JavaScript along with source code, that beginners can try to build knowledge and a portfolio.

  1. Single Page Application
  2. Clock
  3. Form Validation
  4. BMI Calculator
  5. To-Do List
  6. Quote Generator

1. Single Page Application

single-page application

As a beginner, it’s recommended that you start with something simple yet interesting. Hence, single-page applications (SPAs) are a great option for applying your learnings and identifying your strengths and weaknesses. 

SPAs are web apps with a single page, limited features, and no refresh option. So, you create a web page that doesn’t reload every time you click on the side links but will change the content. Basically, one can load the functionality of website elements with a single click. Once it works well, you will gain confidence and motivation to advance your skills and build a more complicated project. 

One of the best examples of SPAs is Netflix, one of the most-used movie streaming apps. As you open it, you can explore many options and refresh multiple options with one click.

Source Code- Single Page Application

2. Digital Clock

digital clock app

We all use clocks every day. We also know that time is precious and must be valued. People rely on alarm clocks and digital clocks to stick to their routines and ensure they follow schedules. So, why not create a digital clock using JS? It can be among the best JavaScript projects for beginners if executed well.

When you use a website or web application with a self-updating time element like clock, the chances are it is made using JavaScript. Hence, it is a useful project that will come in handy for JS projects, giving you insights into what you will be doing as a professional developer. 

The clock can include various features to make it interactive and fun, such as a timer, alarm clock, second/minute hands, stopwatch, etc. Pick this option to learn how to achieve specific project goals as a JavaScript developer. 

Source Code- Digital Clock

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3. Form Validation 

Many websites use a validation form feature to validate client-side information, such as card details, addresses, user details, etc. If a field name requires input, a user can choose to type one letter, mention a number, or leave it blank. JavaScript makes implementing these validations possible and easier. 

This project requires beginners to create a simple validation form using JS. It also demands using HTML elements for efficient programming. 

Source Code- Form Validation 

4. BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

Are you looking for JS mini projects as a beginner? Then, a BMI calculator is an excellent beginner-friendly idea. You create a simple calculator that asks for height and weight and returns the BMI value. 

It is a web application that calculates the Body Mass Index (BMI) of a user based on their height and weight. Fitness enthusiasts mostly use a BMI calculator to measure body fat and analyze their fitness levels by comparing their weight and height. 

Your BMI calculator app must be able to calculate BMI with one click, and users can see the result on the interface. Make sure to update the UI so that it provides relevant feedback related to BMI and include information regarding different BMI categories. 

It is powered by JavaScript and performs calculations based on user input. It is also capable of conducting mathematical calculations, managing user input, and changing the UI. To make the project more complex and sophisticated, you can include a few advanced features, such as personalized health advice according to the calculated BMI result, history log, and incorporation of additional health-related data. 

If you want, you can add a feature to build basic health-related web products to make it a more useful and effective tool. 

Source Code- BMI Calculator

5. To-Do List

to-do list app

Whether you are in college or work as a professional, you always have a plethora of tasks to do every day. However, you often forget a few important tasks amidst a hectic schedule. That is where a to-do list app can come to your rescue. 

A JavaScript to-do list is a creative project idea that involves building a dynamic application for users to manage their daily tasks without hassle. They can make notes, assign themselves tasks, checkmark completed tasks, and perform other functions using edit, copy, cut, delete, and save options. The project will help you master more advanced concepts, including integration of backend services, data management, and user authentication. 

The app will make it easier for users to organize their activities and stick to their routines. It is also a learning experience where you will gain hands-on experience in DOM manipulation and even handling. 

Your project output is a unique app that allows users to list their tasks. As they edit, delete, and mark tasks, the UI automatically reflects the current state of the list. You can also add a login page so users can have a personal dashboard and to-do list. Once logged in, users simply have to create tasks, add multiple tasks, and save the list. 

Make it a user-centric app by providing interactive and friendly experience. It will help you brush up on your knowledge of web development principles and other important skills, such as local storage usage and event handling. Expand the app by adding cutting features like due dates, task prioritization, and categories. 

Source Code- To-do List

6. Quote Generator

We all seek inspiration in our daily lives. For this, we read and write quotes that motivate us when we feel blue. For anyone who is looking for JavaScript projects for beginners with source code, a quote generator is a go-to solution to showcase your JS knowledge and learnings. 

This app generates and displays famous quotes based on categories and moods. It shows quotes from famous politicians, historical figures, poets, athletes, and other popular personalities. 

This project requires understanding fundamental JavaScript syntaxes, including loops, variables, and object literals. You can apply and assess your practical skills while working on such a fun app. 

Source Code- Quote Generator

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JavaScript Project Ideas for Intermediate Level in 2024

The following JavaScript projects are for professionals with expertise in the basics of JS. 

  1. A Quiz App
  2. Guess the Number Game
  3. Expense Tracker
  4. Weather App
  5. Whack-a-mole Game
  6. Portfolio Website

1. A Quiz App


If you need a project idea for educational and entertainment purposes, build a quiz app using JavaScript. It will help you upskill yourself without adhering to any real-life rules except the ones made exclusively for this project.

It will include questions and quizzes that users preparing for a specific exam must solve within a specific time. It is fun and simple. Candidates answer 8-10 questions based on the selected domain, and once they answer, the app evaluates their performances. It will also show wrong and correct answers after users submit the test. 

This project will allow you to build practical knowledge and experience in JavaScript. You can add features for a stopwatch and display the final score to enhance learning. However, don’t make a clone project by copying the similar app. 

Build a unique interactive app with questions based on interesting topics and add features so users can load questions and answers according to their convenience. 

Source Code- Quiz App

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2. Guess the Number Game

Guess the Number is an online game app where users guess a randomly generated number within a given range. Depending on how you build the app and the output generated, it can be pretty fun and engaging.

The app will give points as users guess random numbers from the selected range. To make it more interactive, add compelling designs, rules, hints, chances, and clues. 

Source Code- Guess the Number

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3. Expense Tracker

expense tracker app

Expense tracker app is used to track income and expenses of users. It is a tool to help users manage their finances by tracking their income, savings, expenses, and budget goals. Try this app if you want to build a JavaScript mini project with source code to gain hands-on experience with financial tracking and data management.

The tracker will include features such as categorizing expenses, adding new transactions, setting budget goals, and generating reports. It also ensures data privacy through user account management and authentication. 

As you build the expense tracker app, add features like user log-in, view a summary of financial transactions, and record all expenses. Ensure it has an intuitive UI and provides an overview of the user’s financial status. 

By the time you complete the project, you will gain an understanding of user identification. You will also get familiar with the tools required to meet users’ requirements. Make it more advanced by adding features like real-time data connection with financial APIs and budget forecasting. This will help you strengthen your knowledge of building apps with real-life utility and secured data. 

Source Code- Expense Tracker

4. Weather App

weather app

Build a weather app using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It will display meteorological information, showing real-time weather based on locations. It will also further describe the weather status in Celsius units and temperature values. 

Users can check the current weather using the app and see a forecast for any location in an easy-to-understand format. They simply need to enter the city name or location, and the app will retrieve the required information within seconds. They can also convert the value from Celsius to Fahrenheit by clicking a button.

You will use Dark Sky API, allowing you to learn more about APIs and how to communicate with them. This knowledge will be valuable while working with JS. Moreover, you will enable the app for real-time data processing and create an interface that can effectively communicate weather information.

You might have to learn how to use JavaScript for API  interaction, but once you wrap your head around it, all your efforts will be worth it. Enhance its utility by adding advanced features like user preferences, historical data, and visualizations. 

Source Code- Weather App

5. Whack-a-Mole Game

Have you ever played whack-a-mole in real life? We are sure you have at least once. A standard whack-a-mole game machine consists of a cabinet and a display screen with a huge but soft mallet. There are five holes on the top of the cabinet stuffed with small plastic models that appear randomly. You have to hit a mole the moment it peeps out of the hole to earn points. 

The faster your reaction, the higher your scores. It is one of the most fun JavaScript micro project topics for intermediate developers. You will build various functions and features to generate random goles, the length of time for the mole to appear, combining the two functions, the start-up option, and more. 

Source Code- Whack-a-Mole

6. Portfolio Website


A portfolio website showcases users’ professional details, including their work, skills, projects, results, and contact information. Candidates submit their portfolios during interviews and discussions with clients to get jobs and projects, respectively. Hence, the portfolio must be appealing and provide a comprehensive view of their capabilities. 

A professional website shows a person’s achievements and accomplishments. It can be used as a resume to explore better opportunities and land lucrative jobs. Make sure the website is easy to navigate and looks subtle. 

It should efficiently reflect the person’s identity and skills. Users can use advanced features and add interactive elements and blogs to make their portfolios more impressive. This project is your chance to learn about responsive designs, personal branding, and web design. 

Source Code- Portfolio Website

JavaScript Project Ideas for Experienced in 2024

Once you are comfortable with JavaScript, it’s time to work on more complicated javaScript project ideas

  1. Movie App
  2. Real-Time Chat App
  3. Amazon Clone
  4. Instagram Clone
  5. Music App
  6. File Sharing App

1. Movie App

A movie app is built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and jQuery. It also uses API calls from the movie database, which makes the project easier.

It is a more advanced project for JavaScript professionals who want to explore new opportunities and work on cutting-edge technologies. The app will let users watch their favorite movies, read their descriptions, sort them by genre, add movies to the watchlist, and find titles using the search box. 

Source Code- Movie App

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2. Real-Time Chat App

Real-Time Chat App

Most of us use WhatsApp, a popular chat platform, to send texts to friends and family and connect with people. It’s time to create your own chat application that is similar to WhatsApp. 

Move beyond small JavaScript projects and build a full-fledged real-time chat app that is more advanced and has a complex structure. You will use React to design the frontend and NodeJS and the Socket.io web socket library to develop the backend of the app. 

It will allow users to send and receive messages in real time, and you will gain a deeper understanding of JS. 

Source Code- Real-time Chat App

3. Amazon Clone

amazon clone app

E-commerce apps have witnessed a rapid increase in popularity, and e-commerce is now one of the most lucrative industries. Businesses are trying to attract customers and boost their sales by launching e-commerce apps.

Create an e-commerce website or app, replicating useful and core features of Amazon e-commerce platform. Apart from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you will also test your knowledge of Firebase, React, Stripe, and APIs. Create a single-page application that lets users browse multiple products, add items to the cart, and complete the checkout process by making payment through preferred mode. 

It should be a feature-rich and responsive application with a simple checkout process, appealing design, and responsive interface. You can add more cool features, like product recommendations, user reviews, image sliders, etc.

It will help you learn how to integrate user authentication, work with real-world data, and enhance the performance of the app. It will require you to integrate frontend elements with backend functionality, giving you a comprehensive development experience. 

Source Code- Amazon Clone

4. Instagram Clone

Instagram Clone

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms today, with billions of users browsing it. People use it to share photos, explore new things, connect with friends, and launch businesses. 

The channel offers engaging features like recording likes, sharing images across the server, comments, and analytics. As you complete this JavaScript project with source code, you will acquire skills in different tools, technologies, and languages, including ReactJS, NodeJS, JWT, Redis, Conext, and Postgres, which are required for frontend and backend architecture development. 

Source Code- Instagram Clone

5. Music App

Music App

Are you an advanced coder looking for something cool and fun idea for your next project? Then, try your hands at building a music app that allows users to search, play, repeat, and shuffle songs on their mobile devices.

For this project, you will move beyond frontend development and delve deeper into advanced JS. You will also use API to let users play music from their server. They can create a customized playlist and stream songs at their convenience. 

As you will incorporate features like a timer, slider, shuffle, loop, etc., for better user experience, this project will enhance your learning.

Source Code- Music App

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6. File Sharing App

File Sharing App

Whenever you want to share a file from one device to another, you need an app that makes file sharing hassle-free and quick. So, pick a file-sharing app for JS advanced projects, and create an app to share small and large files within seconds.

You will learn how to use the Virgil Crypto Library in JavaScript to build a secure app. Throughout the development process, data security must be your major concern so users can exchange files without any worries. The app should encrypt files, and users must be able to decrypt and read them. After completing the setup, allow users to download and open files in the browser. 

Source Code- File Sharing App

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Why Are JavaScript Projects Important?

It is important for beginners and experts to keep on working on JS projects for practice and skill development. It is a crucial step that makes your professional journey exciting and fun. Here are some reasons why you must build JavaScript projects:

  • It is a chance for developers to push their limits, experiment with libraries and frameworks, enhance their knowledge, and explore new techniques. 
  • It helps you learn the practical and real-life application of your technical skills. You can build websites and web apps using advanced tools and solidify your understanding of JS concepts.
  • You learn to overcome challenges and build problem-solving skills while improving coding capabilities.
  • You can create a solid resume and portfolio to showcase your knowledge to recruiters and clients. 

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FAQs Related to JavaScript Projects

1. What kind of project is JavaScript used for?

JavaScript is a programming language that developers use to write customized client-side scripts to make dynamic web projects. They also rely on it to create server-side code using cross-platform runtime engines. You can integrate HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 to build web pages compatible with all devices, platforms, and browsers.

2. How to build a Javascript project?

Get familiar with basic and core concepts and their real-world usage. Choose a simple JavaScript project idea to implement JS code. Seek guidance from your mentor or an experienced professional. Your project must solve a business problem. Once you complete this, move on to something complex and advanced. 

3. What are the best JavaScript projects to improve frontend skills?

If you want to enhance your frontend skills, choose a project where you have to design a responsive navigation menu, lightbox effects, and image slider. Your focus should be on creating user-friendly interfaces. 

4. How do I start a JavaScript project?

Start by learning JavaScript by taking an online web development course and master it. The next step is to create a beginner-level project. If you are proficient in the language, then go for an advanced-level project. 

5. How much time does it take to complete a JavaScript project?

A basic JavaScript project can take a few hours to 1-2 days for beginners. However, a complex project can take a few weeks.

6. Is JavaScript difficult to learn? 

JavaScript is relatively an easy language to learn if you have the right guidance and training. Stay focused and regular to get the hang of it. Enrol in an online full-stack web development course to seek practical training and practical experience.

7. How to choose the right JavaScript project?

Consider the following aspects to choose the right JS project:

– Assess your proficiency level to choose a project.
– Find your interests so that you enjoy working on the project.
– Begin small with a simple project and strengthen your core concepts.
– It should help you master existing skills and learn new skills.
– Seek help from the coding community and start a discussion if needed.
– Do detailed research to understand technical and non-technical requirements.
– It should be something beneficial for solving real-world business problems.
– Build different use cases around a single concept and gradually move on to advanced projects

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The first impression is the last impression. Clients and recruiters take this quite seriously. So. if you want to land a lucrative job or project, the best way is to build JavaScript projects that hone your skills and knowledge. 

Simply learning JS is not enough. You need hands-on experience before you kickstart your professional journey. Working on multiple projects is a chance to acquire the necessary skillset and build a strong portfolio. It will work wonders during interviews and bring you much closer to your dream career. 

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