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Free Shopify Course (Full Shopify Tutorial)

Join the 100% free Shopify course online and learn to create and manage an e-commerce store or website. The full Shopify tutorial for beginners covers all the topics, including.

  • Setting up a Shopify account
  • Shopify API
  • Designing an appealing Shopify store
  • Managing an e-commerce website
  • Customising Shopify templates
  • Managing orders and customers
  • Reviewing analytics
  • Inventory management

Start Learning: Full Shopify Tutorials

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    Shopify Store Setup: How to Set-Up Shopify Store - Fully Explained | Shopify in Hindi

    06:20 Duration
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    Shopify Dashboard - How to Set-Up & Access Shopify Admin Panel | Shopify Tutorials in Hindi

    06:00 Duration
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    What is Domain - Complete Guide | Shopify Tutorial

    05:00 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Domain Set up | How to Add Domain in Shopify - Complete Tutorial

    05:00 Duration
  • IconIcon

    How to Connect Domain to Shopify - Complete Tutorial

    06:30 Duration

  • IconIcon

    General Settings in Shopify | Shopify Tips For Beginners

    06:13 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Location Settings - How do I manage locations on Shopify | Shopify Tutorial

    04:55 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Plans and Permissions Settings for Shopify | Shopify Tutorials for Beginners

    08:00 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Notifications - Setup Email & SMS Notification in Shopify | Shopify Tutorial

    10:25 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Languages - How to Have Multiple Languages on Shopify Store | Shopify Tutorials

    03:25 Duration
  • IconIcon

    How To Setup Checkout Settings On Shopify Store | Shopify Tutorials

    06:40 Duration

  • IconIcon

    Shopify Payments Setup - How to Set your Payment Settings in Shopify | Shopify Tutorial

    06:00 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Setup - How to Setup Billing Process in Shopify ? | Shopify Tutorial

    05:45 Duration
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    Shopify Setup - How to Set Up Shipment and Delivery Settings on Shopify | Shopify Tutorials

    10:32 Duration
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    Shopify Setup - How to Manage Policies and Legal Settings in Shopify | Shopify Tutorial

    08:28 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Taxation- How To Know About Taxes on our Shopify Store | Shopify Tutorial

    03:50 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Pricing Explained - Plans, Fees & Many More

    13:39 Duration
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    Razorpay Account on Shopify - Complete Setup | Shopify Tutorial

    08:17 Duration
  • IconIcon

    How to Connect Razorpay with Shopify - Complete Tutorial

    08:20 Duration

  • IconIcon

    Shopify Setup- The Concept of Creating Pages in Shopify | Shopify Tutorial

    06:06 Duration
  • IconIcon

    How to Add a Contact Us Page on Shopify - Shopify Setup | Shopify Tutorial

    04:24 Duration
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    Shopify Blog - How to Write a Blog Post | Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

    06:04 Duration

  • IconIcon

    Shopify Setup - How To Add Product on Shopify - Explained.

    10:26 Duration
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    Shopify Setup - How To Add a Variable Product on your website | Shopify Tutorial

    04:50 Duration
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    Shopify Collections - How to Set up Collection Section | Shopify Tutorial

    07:10 Duration

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    Shopify Theme Customization - Shopify Theme Kya Hai | Shopify Tutorial

    07:43 Duration
  • IconIcon

    What is Shopify Debut Theme - Shopify Debut Theme Customization.

    08:33 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Introduction to Shopify Apps for Beginners -Step By Step Tutorial

    10:40 Duration
  • IconIcon

    How to Change Shopify Theme to Brooklyn - Complete Tutorial

    14:43 Duration

  • IconIcon

    How to Set up Media and Files in Shopify - Explained | Shopify Tutorial

    03:43 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Creating Navigation Menu in Shopify - Explained | Shopify Tutorial

    08:03 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Logo - Learn How to Add Shopify Logo | Shopify Tutorial.

    05:07 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Setup - Making The Home Page Look Even Better in Shopify

    14:10 Duration
  • IconIcon

    The Concept of Preferences in Shopify - Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

    06:27 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Setup - Setting up Transfer Section in Shopify | Shopify Tutorials

    05:10 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Tapita Page Builder App for Shopify - Complete Guide | Shopify Tutorial

    10:51 Duration
  • IconIcon

    How to Source Products on Shopify (Shopify Techniques) | Complete Guide

    09:00 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Inventory Management - Manage Your Inventory for Beginners

    03:33 Duration

  • IconIcon

    GiftCards in Shopify - How to Setup GiftCards in Shopify | Shopify Tutorial

    03:17 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Setup - Create Gift Cards on Shopify | Shopify Tutorial

    05:36 Duration

  • IconIcon

    Shopify Setup - How to Build a Sales Channel in Shopify - Shopify Tutorial

    03:57 Duration
  • IconIcon

    How to Set Abandoned Checkouts - Shopify Abandoned Cart Tutorial

    06:34 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Setup - How to Get Customer's Data on Shopify | Shopify Tutorial

    06:21 Duration
  • IconIcon

    How to Sell Digital Products on Shopify - Complete Tutorial

    05:18 Duration
  • IconIcon

    How to Create & Set Up Shopify Discount? [Step-by-Step Guide] - Shopify Tutorials

    05:31 Duration
  • IconIcon

    Shopify Analytics Walkthrough - How to Use Shopify Analytics | Shopify Tutorial

    08:32 Duration
  • IconIcon

    $50/ HOUR - Shopify Effective Tactics to Boost Sales 🤑

    10:41 Duration

Key Highlights of Our Shopify Course

  • Video tutorials in Hindi
  • Customize your store with themes, apps, and integrations
  • Track and analyze your store"s performance
  • Manage orders, customers, and inventory
  • Gain insights into marketing strategies a
  • No technical skills required
  • Completely free of cost
  • 5+ hours of videos

Master eCommerce Website Management With Our Shopify Course

If you're looking to start an ecommerce store and don't know where to begin, you've come to the right place. Our course on Shopify covers everything you need to know to set up and manage your online store using Shopify, with easy-to-follow video tutorials in Hindi.

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms out there, and for good reason. It's easy to use, customizable, and comes with a range of features and integrations to help you sell online. Whether you're just starting out or looking to grow your existing business, Shopify is a great choice for anyone looking to start an ecommerce store.

Our online Shopify course covers everything you need to know to set up and manage your online store.

Learn Shopify From Scratch

With our Shopify learning tutorials, exploring this popular platform is easier and more engaging. Our expert-led video sessions will allow you to understand tools, techniques, and topics related to Shopify development, websites, themes, and more. Whether you are a business owner or want to make a career as an in-house Shopify developer, we will help you learn Shopify development from the ground up.

Hone Your Skills

No matter if you are a beginner or want to learn more about e-commerce to take your career to the next level, we will guide you to hone your skills and enhance your capabilities. Our Shopify tutorials are curated by experts who help you improve your understanding of online business.

Practical-oriented Shopify Tutorial

Our Shopify developer course is completely practical and career-oriented, as we have covered every aspect of Shopify in our lessons. While working on assignments, you will apply your capabilities to build rich e-commerce websites from scratch using Shopify features and tools. You will also learn to add payment, delivery, and shipping features to an online store.

Why Trust WsCube Tech for Free Shopify Course?


100% Free Course

We believe that money should never hamper anyone’s learning and growth. Hence, we offer a free Shopify online course to train aspirants without compromising on quality.


Expert-led Tutorials

Industry practitioners and experienced Shopify developers have curated our lessons to train freshers, freelancers, webmasters, and business owners on how to build and grow your store.


Compatible with All Devices

Our video lectures and study material are compatible with all major devices and operating systems. Now, you can learn easily using your smartphones or laptops.


Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility

We make sure that your learning journey never stops. Therefore, whether you are a student or a working professional, we enable you to access our lectures anytime and anywhere.


Growth-oriented Curriculum

We have designed an extensive curriculum covering every Shopify concept in detail and in your native language so that you can learn and execute things for business growth.


2 Million+ Community

This free course for video editor is a great way to start learning the basics and fundamental concepts and get started. You can choose to build your career in this field.

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FAQs Related to Shopify Course

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Shopify is a popular software used to build e-commerce websites. You can create your own online store by using Shopify templates and settings. It allows you to add visually appealing features and develop a functional virtual storefront.

While using Shopify, you have access to ample additional services, such as integrated payment processing combined with a high-converting checkout interface that simplifies the process of purchasing a product. It also includes SEO and digital marketing tools to promote online business and attract new customers.

As a student of WsCube Tech, you will get the chance to learn from people with hands-on experience in the field they teach. Our courses and video lessons are led by highly experienced mentors who have worked as Shopify professionals for years.

Moreover, they have produced hundreds of successful developers and are committed to guiding aspirants to turn them into skilled Shopify developers. Many of them also run their own online businesses as a side hustle and share their insights and expertise with students.

Our experts have curated a comprehensive curriculum comprising multiple lessons that cover each topic from scratch. By the end of the course, you will learn the following:

  • Setting up a Shopify account and building an online store to sell your products.
  • Customising your Shopify store
  • Shipping products to customers
  • Starting a Shopify blog
  • Using Google Analytics to improve search engine rankings
  • Using Google Adwords for marketing your Shopify store
  • Identifying the process to acquire inventories from suppliers and manufacturers

No, there are no eligibility requirements to join our Shopify online course. Business owners, freelancers, college students, freshers, and working professionals can sign up for the course and learn at their pace.

Shopify offers several pricing plans starting from INR 1994 per month for their Basic plan. The pricing varies based on the features included in each plan, such as the number of products you can sell, the transaction fees, and more.

No, you don't need technical skills to use Shopify. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, and you don't need any coding or design skills to create your store.

Yes, Shopify supports the sale of physical and digital products, as well as services and subscriptions.

Yes, you can use your own domain name with Shopify. You can either purchase a new domain name through Shopify, or connect an existing domain name to your Shopify store.

Yes, Shopify allows you to customize your store with different themes, apps, and integrations. You can also customize your store's design, layout, and content to match your brand.

You can learn it with the free course on video editing by WsCube Tech, where we have covered basic to advanced concepts in a simple manner. It will be a great starting point for you.

Yes, Shopify provides hosting for your store, so you don't need to worry about finding a separate hosting provider.

Yes, Shopify supports selling in multiple currencies and languages, and also offers international shipping options.