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Master the art of video editing with our free, self-paced course. Learn from industry experts and become a professional video editor.

  • Access to comprehensive video editing curriculum
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  • Free and open to anyone, no prior experience required
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    Introduction to Video Editing (Hindi) | Best Video Editing Softwares Adobe Premiere Pro

    12:11 Duration

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    Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro (Hindi) | How to Customize User Interface In Premiere Pro

    13:29 Duration
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    How To Setup New project In Premiere Pro | Best Way To organizing & Importing Media Premiere Pro

    18:51 Duration
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    Video Formats, Codecs & Containers (Explained In Hindi) | Formats Supported By Premiere Pro

    08:49 Duration
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    File Format Not Supported problem In Premiere | Fix Import Failure In Premiere Pro (Hindi)

    11:25 Duration

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    Creating New Sequence or Timeline In Premiere Pro | How to Use Sequences In Premiere Pro?

    19:21 Duration
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    All Toolbar Tools In Adobe Premiere Pro EXPLAINED | Toolbar In Premiere Pro

    18:31 Duration
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    How to Use History Panel to Undo/redo Actions In Premiere Pro | Events Panel In Premiere Pro

    06:30 Duration
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    Best Way to Use Video and Audio Transitions Presets In Premiere Pro in Hindi

    08:28 Duration
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    Effects Panel & Effects Controls In Premiere Pro (Hindi) | How to Use Effect Controls Premiere Pro

    09:44 Duration
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    How to Freeze Video Using Frame Hold Options (Hindi) | Premiere Pro Basics

    13:34 Duration
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    Video Aspect Ratios Explained | Choosing The Right Video Dimensions | Premiere Pro Basics

    14:55 Duration
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    Create Beautiful SLOW MOTION in Premiere Pro | How to Change FrameRate/fps In Premiere Pro

    17:07 Duration

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    Learn How to Use Audio Track Mixer & Audio Clip Mixer In Premiere Pro (in One Video)

    16:20 Duration
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    The Magic Of Adjustment Layers In Premiere Pro | Adjustment layer In Premiere Pro (Hindi) Part-15

    13:00 Duration

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    Fixed effects in Premiere pro effects control Panel Explained |Premiere Pro Basics (Hindi) Part-16

    15:50 Duration
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    Premiere Pro Video settings for social Media | Social Media Export Settings for Premiere Pro #17

    13:50 Duration
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    How to Add Text In Premiere Pro | Horizontal/Vertical Text In Premiere Pro (Hindi) #18 | WsCube Tech

    09:21 Duration

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    Best Export/Render Settings In Adobe Premiere Pro | Exporting In Premiere Pro (Hindi) #19

    22:58 Duration
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    Basic Editing In Premiere Pro For Beginners | Basic Edit & Export Challenge (Hindi)#20 | WsCube Tech

    25:04 Duration

Key Highlights of The Video Editing Course

In our full video editing course in Hindi, you will learn basic to advanced concepts, including:

  • Best video editing software
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Video formats, codecs, and Containers
  • Sequences and timelines
  • Video and audio transitions
  • Effects control
  • Video aspect ratios
  • Creating slow motions
  • Audio track and audio clip mixing
  • Adjustment layers
  • Adding text to videos
  • Rendering and exporting videos after editing

Best Video Editing Course to Upgrade Your Skills

Creating video content is not enough. What you do with it and how you represent it matters the most. That is where video editing comes into the picture. Without it, your favourite movies, shows, and documentaries, nothing would make sense. They would just be a collection of jumbled footage, and no one would be interested in watching it.

Video editing is an in-demand skill, opening gates to ample job and freelance opportunities. WsCube Tech offers a course for video editors, where you learn the art of transforming random videos into appealing and engaging visuals.

Ideal Course for Beginners

Our free video editing course online is ideal for beginners, students, working professionals, and freelancers, as we allow you to learn at your own pace. Our curriculum introduces you to the field in detail and takes you to the next level of video editing. You can apply your knowledge and skills to edit and modify various videos.

Learn Different Types of Video Editing

The video edit course also focuses on different types of editing, basic principles of editing videos, editing tricks, premium tools and software, and more. It will help you upskill yourself and become a professional video editor.

Wide Range of Topics

WsCube Tech’s free video editor course will help you take the next step on your video editing journey as we equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge. You will explore a wide range of topics, tricks, techniques, and trends to transform a pile of footage into a cinematic masterpiece.

Learn From Experienced Video Editors

You will learn from talented and renowned editors who will train you to make better stories, vlogs, films, commercials, and videos. Furthermore, you will gain an understanding of post-production and editing software. Gain hands-on experience by completing and sharing live editing projects and build a strong portfolio by the end of this course on video editing.

Why Trust WsCube Tech for Video Editing Course?


Learn at Your Pace

Our pre-recorded video lectures allow you to learn at your convenience and pace. You can watch the well-curated sessions based on your schedule and attend lessons using a mobile phone or any device.


Industry-approved Content

The learning resources and study material prepared by our experts align with the latest industry trends and standards. We update the curriculum according to the industry requirements.


Upskill Yourself at No Cost

WsCube Tech believes in making its courses accessible to all aspirants and learners. Hence, we offer a free video editor course that allows you to upskill yourself at zero cost.


Expert-led Program

All the video lectures included in the video editing course are curated by industry leaders, including renowned content creators and video editors, with hands-on experience in the field.


Trusted by 2 Million Learners

We are trusted by millions of learners for our commitment and quality services. Register for our online course for video editing and be a part of our supportive and active community.


Career-oriented Program

This free course for video editor is a great way to start learning the basics and fundamental concepts and get started. You can choose to build your career in this field.

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Video Editor Course FAQs

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Video editing means editing and re-arranging raw videos to make them more appealing and meaningful. It is a part of post-production, so you edit videos once the shoot and recording are complete.

While shooting any kind of video, one will record multiple versions of the same content, but the editor will select the best ones to make the final product. It also includes adding graphics, effects, background music, and other elements that can enhance the storytelling process.

You need a creative mind and interest in the field to learn and master video editing. There are no formal professional or academic requirements to take this course. Also, as the course includes pre-recorded video tutorials, students and working professionals can easily complete it at their convenience.

With vlogging and content creation becoming a lucrative and popular career choice, video editing is the next big thing. People are learning it for personal and professional use. Videos are an effective way to make an impact on 80% of online traffic. Learning this skill can help you make a promising and interesting career as a video editor.

As a video editor, you are responsible for the following:

  • Choosing the best footage
  • Removing the unwanted ones
  • Adding graphics and music
  • Creating a flow
  • Giving a video a particular feel or theme
  • Altering style and pace

Today, the way information is communicated through videos has changed the game. It is important to master the tricks and tips of video editing to become a successful video editor.

WsCube Tech has curated an extensive curriculum that teaches learners the fundamentals of video editing that content creators and editors need to know to take their careers to the next level.

As an expert and skilled video editor, you can apply for the following job roles:

  • Film Editor
  • Cinematographer
  • Television Studio Editor
  • Animator
  • Marketing Video Editor
  • Video Editing Executive

Some of the most popular video editing software include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Davinci Resolve. There are also some free alternatives like Shotcut and OpenShot.

Basic video editing techniques include cutting, trimming, and rearranging clips, adding transitions, audio and visual effects, and colour correction. Other techniques include adding text overlays, adjusting audio levels, and creating split-screen effects.

For basic video editing, a computer with at least 8GB of RAM and a quad-core processor is recommended. For more advanced editing, a dedicated graphics card and more RAM will be necessary. Additionally, a high-quality monitor, keyboard, and mouse are also important for efficient editing.

You can learn it with the free course on video editing by WsCube Tech, where we have covered basic to advanced concepts in a simple manner. It will be a great starting point for you.

The amount of time it takes to learn video editing depends on your level of dedication, the complexity of the editing software you're using, and your prior experience with editing. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to become proficient in video editing.

Video editors need to have excellent attention to detail, creativity, and technical proficiency with editing software. They should also have strong communication and collaboration skills.

Video editors can advance their careers by gaining experience and building a strong portfolio of work. They can also choose to specialize in a particular type of editing, such as visual effects or sound design. Some video editors also go on to become producers, directors, or cinematographers.

Job opportunities for video editors can be found through online job boards, networking events, and social media. It is also important to build relationships with other professionals in the industry and to have a strong online presence through a personal website or social media accounts showcasing your work.

A video editing course is a program of study that teaches students how to edit and manipulate videos using editing software.