Progressive Web App (PWA) vs Hybrid App Development (HAD): Pros and Cons

With the advancement in technology, the primary point of conflict is the PWA or Progressive Web App vs Hybrid App. After the selection of the right platform, the app owner needs to know about the type of app. 

Currently, in the advancing world, both technologies have proved to give the best result. However, there is a mutable difference between hybrid app and progressive web app development.

So, let’s review the best solution among both applications. And when it comes to app development, we are often confused with the choice of having a ‘web’ or ‘hybrid.’

Undoubtedly, the development experts understand the differences among such apps, but what about those who don’t? If you are an entrepreneur starting with your app project, you may as well associate with this. 

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Several times, the only thing that people may know about native apps is that they are comparatively more costly.

So, while having the cost estimations between the PWA vs hybrid web app, most of you would usually stop your search right there. However, that should never be the case.

Here is a prominent reason why hybrid apps are not proposed for your business.

So, the primary purpose behind making hybrid apps is that they should make the app development process more convenient and accessible. 

Moreover, it does not happen during the execution of such apps. Also, the reality is that managing a hybrid app and also preparing it to work is considerably difficult. Several large corporations, such as Facebook, along with some of the finest engineers working for them, have lately abandoned the use of hybrid apps.

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What is Hybrid App Development?

Many times you may not have the money or resources for building a hybrid application for each device. During such an instance, you would result in developing a hybrid app that can work across several platforms.

It is an excellent app during the times when you would like to launch for the marketplace quickly.

Also, most of the businesses try to skip the initial hassle and go with such apps prior to moving towards specific apps later.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Apps

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of hybrid app development, starting with the advantages first.

Advantages of Hybrid App Development

1. One codebase to manage

It is the biggest advantage of a hybrid app that you do need to build two or three apps. Instead, you can build a single app and then tweak it to work on several platforms.

2. Time Savvy

As you only have to manage a single codebase, so you would need about half of the developers that you would require for several native apps.

Besides that, you can also use the same number of developers, but within half of the time. Also, developers who work on hybrid apps will usually charge less.

3. Easy to Scale Up & Down

As you create the app, then scaling it to another platform such as Windows is an easy task and can be executed within a short period.

4. Retain Accessibility

As a native app, you can retain the same level of ability while using a hybrid app.

Disadvantages of Hybrid App Development

1. Performance is Affected

The most significant disadvantage of a hybrid app is that its performance would be impacted.

It is vital to understand that with so much competition going around as performance is the primary factor that consumers are looking for. So, keep it in mind before choosing the hybrid way.

As such, apps would be launched using a browser-like component, and then they are only as good as the component on which they are running.

Before, both Apple and Google did not agree on the WebView, but as it is hugely enhanced, but still doesn’t have the same efficiency as a native app.

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2. Challenges in Cross-Platform Development

Creating hybrid apps that run efficiently on several platforms is no easy task. Also, in some cases, it could cost almost the same as running native apps.

But, the cost would depend on how close you want to get to the experience of a native app.

3. User Experience (UX) Issues

Most of the users of Android and iOS users tend to be quite loyal to their platforms. Thus, they understand how native apps are supposed to work.

For such types of users, the complex differences can be a little irritating.

4. Expensive in Certain Cases

Generally, hybrid apps are considered a pain due to their variety of custom plugins that can demand tweaks repeatedly from time to time.

Also, some of its functionalities even need your developer to code from scratch due to the incompatibility of specific plugins with the device OS.

Also, it leads to both additional costs and time overruns, which were not foreseen during the planning stage.

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What is PWA or Progressive Web App?

Recently, such PWAs didn’t have the functionality of native apps. For example, they could not perform offline and also didn’t include push notifications. Besides that, they also could not be located on the home screen.

Moreover, due to the recent enhancements of the browsers as well as web apps, now progressive web applications offer the features mentioned above.

When an app can make use of such features, then it is known as a progressive web app. Also, if you wish to turn your app into a web app, then you would need to follow the steps.

Using a progressive web application would mainly depend on the goals that you have. Also, the first thing you need to know is that they only work on the Google Chrome browser.

So, if you wish to cover audiences in both the iOS and Android markets, then they are not designed for you.

In that way, they are also not the replacements for native mobile apps. Moreover, they are also a great way of providing a mobile-app experience without going all the way.

Pros and Cons of Progressive Web Apps

In this guide to the difference between hybrid app and PWA, now, let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of progressive web apps or PWA development. 

Advantages of PWA App

Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of PWAs. It will assist you in making your choice.

1. No Installation Required

As PWAs run as web pages, so they don’t need any lengthy download with the process of installation. Moreover, the shortcuts can be installed on the home screen of the device.

2. No App Updates Required

As they are web pages, so they are updated via push notifications in the background, unlike the native apps that need the process of installation.

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3. Portability

Such apps are certainly just websites, but along with the functionality of an app.

Also, the primary advantage of such apps is that they don’t change your packaging as well as the deployment model.

4. Fast Loading Speed

Such apps also load immediately, regardless of the state of the network conditions.

5. Quicker Delivery of Content

Such apps use push notifications for ensuring that the content is provided in a contextual and timely manner.

6. Strong Security

They are entirely secure, only if they are hosted over HTTPS.

7. Mobile Responsive

They use responsive web design to ensure that users get the same UX as on a native app.

8. Saves Mobile Data, Storage, and Battery

Generally, such apps cover less space on a specific device and also use less of its resources. So, the outcome is better battery life and less usage of data.

9. Easy Sharing of URLs

Such apps appear as a URL in the browser. Thus, they are quite easy to share.

Disadvantages of PWA App

1. Doesn’t Support All Browsers

Currently, such apps only work on Chrome, Opera, and the mobile browser of Samsung. Moreover, such browsers acquire only less than half of the mobile browser market.

2. Lack of Native Functionalities

In some devices, several features may not work, such as notifications on iOS devices would not work.

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3. Doesn’t Support Certain Functionalities

In some apps, fingerprint scanners, cameras, GPS, and other equipment may work with glitches or won’t work at all.

4. No Central Repository

It can make it hard for users of your apps to find them and reduce trust in them. Although PWAs is a much talked about genre of apps today, Native Apps are still dominant and a haven for many businesses.

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By now, you might have got the answer to what is difference between hybrid app and a progressive web app. 

Although both function well, but it’s a matter of realizing that when to use one over the other and also dependent on the budget or timeline needs of a customer. If you and your team are aware of web technologies and need to build apps within a limited time, then pick compiled or hybrid.

On the other hand, PWA has the most exceptional reach with several corporations such as Flipkart, Twitter Lite, and Starbucks, which reported improved user retention rates.

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