Digital Marketing Growth In India (2024 Details)

If you randomly ask to name one of India’s booming industries, digital marketing will surely be one of the most popular answers. Yes! In India, the internet era has opened up unique possibilities.

With over 900 million internet users, India boasts the second-largest online market globally. This massive digital landscape has fueled a phenomenal rise in the digital marketing industry, making it a force to be reckoned with. As we navigate 2024, let’s delve into the growth trajectory of the dynamic digital marketing sector and explore the trends shaping its future.

Growth Of Digital Marketing In India 2024

According to Statista,

“The digital advertising industry across India had a market size of around 160 billion Indian rupees in the financial year 2019, up from just 47 billion Indian rupees in the financial year 2015. This was projected to go up to around 539 billion rupees by financial year 2024, indicating a big growth in the industry segment.”

The market research studies conducted by several agencies and companies suggest that the digital marketing industry will grow consistently in the near future. However, digital marketing trends change frequently, and the emerging trends keep transforming the online marketing industry regularly. 

The Digital Revolution: India’s Tech-Savvy Population

Recently, digital technologies have advanced rapidly, bringing the world closer than ever before. The extent of the digital revolution’s influence is so vast and rapid that we may not fully comprehend it yet. The internet, in particular, has transformed how people behave and played a significant role in creating a global, well-informed society, connecting us all in ways we never thought possible.

India has been at the forefront of the digital revolution, having one of the youngest and most significant populations worldwide. As the country’s smartphone usage increases, young people in India are an influential consumer segment, influencing the industry with their behavior, tastes, and peculiarities. 

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Factors Driving the Growth of Digital Marketing in India

Numerous factors, including those listed below, affect the growth of digital marketing in India:

1. Technology

It should constantly be upgraded. One technology shouldn’t be utilized for a lifetime. Marketers should upgrade technology to meet societal requirements. 

2. Channels 

Channels facilitate communication between marketers and other marketers. A cost and profit analysis of the various media should be conducted.

3. Target Market

The marketer must decide on their target market before engaging in digital marketing. Content should be shared and published following market demand. Plus, enrolling in digital marketing courses gives marketers the skills and knowledge to optimize content for search engines. Hence, it effectively reaches the target audience and drives maximum engagement and conversions.

4. Social Media 

Today, businesses have up-to-date, active social media profiles that help them attract new clients while retaining their current clientele.

5. Increase in the Number of Digital 

According to Analytics Insight,

“India is set to reach 1 billion internet users by 2025. As of 2020 YTD, there are over 687.6 million internet users in India.” 

The increase in the internet user base will increase the number of digital consumers will grow consistently. More and more consumers will use the internet to conduct pre-purchase research and purchase products/services. Also, the increase will create many new business opportunities for enterprises from various sectors.

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Critical Trends in India’s Digital Marketing Landscape

Below are some of the most significant growths in digital marketing in India that have aided in business growth.

1. Influencer Marketing

Businesses may advertise their goods and services through influencer marketing, a digital marketing approach using individuals with a sizable social media following.

2. Omnichannel Marketing

The digital marketing strategy ensures that customers interact with and have a good experience on each channel.

3. Artificial Intelligence

With the growth of digital marketing in India, AI  and ML can help businesses automate processes, gain a competitive edge, and better understand client wants and desires. Additionally, exploring top digital marketing career opportunities in artificial intelligence can provide professionals with insights into emerging roles and industries where AI is revolutionizing operations and driving innovation, opening doors to exciting career prospects in this rapidly evolving field.

4. Video Marketing

It is a powerful digital marketing strategy when a company wants to grow its consumer base on video-led digital marketing platforms like YouTube.

Opportunities and Challenges in the Indian Digital Market

India has seen several significant revolutionary growths in the digital marketing sector. And it has been on the minds of many young aspirants who are always looking for possibilities and challenges in digital marketing. So, let’s explore the options now.

1. Lucrative Career Possibility

More job applicants than any other industry have been drawn to digital marketing because of its bright future. Master the skills in digital marketing by enrolling in an online digital marketing course and get hired by top companies.

2. Adapting Corporate Working Practices

Digital marketing organizations maintain an employee-friendly workplace since they encourage innovation in their staff.

3. Assist in Business Expansion

Due to its superior reach, many organizations are converting conventional marketing to digital marketing.

Let’s examine the typical difficulties encountered despite the growth of digital marketing in India:

4. Overcoming Constantly Changing Platforms

The algorithms and operational procedures of online marketing platforms have changed. Many marketers have found it challenging to use these digital marketing channels effectively.

5. Challenges with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is becoming more and more challenging in terms of generating engagements and leads.

6. Inconsistent Customer Behaviour

Nobody can accurately foresee what is happening inside someone else’s brain. Because of the ambiguity element, finding the precise buyer for a particular product is increasingly harder.

Emerging Trends: Shaping the Future

As the digital marketing landscape evolves, different trends are set to define its future in India:

1. Upsurge of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) transforms marketing automation, content creation, and customer service. AI-powered chatbots provide 24/7 support, while personalized recommendations based on user behavior enhance the customer journey. Read our 20 Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing blog and utilize them in your day-to-day tasks.

2. Voice Search Optimization

With the increasing popularity of voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa, optimizing websites and content for voice search is becoming increasingly critical. This ensures brands are readily discoverable through voice queries.

3. Focus on User-generated Content (UGC)

Authenticity is vital in today’s marketing landscape. User-generated content, such as social media posts and customer reviews, builds trust and encourages potential customers to engage with a brand.

4. The Cookieless Future

With stricter data privacy regulations, the reliance on third-party cookies for targeted advertising is diminishing. Marketers adapt by focusing on first-party data collection and building strong brand loyalty to ensure continued audience reach.

5. Mobile-first Marketing

Mobile marketing has become a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies with the augmentation of smartphones. The future of digital marketing will undoubtedly be mobile-first, as consumers spend more time on their mobile devices. Proficiency in mobile marketing techniques will be a valuable skill set for digital marketing professionals.

Digital Marketing Market Analysis

1. Market Growth and Size

The global digital marketing market is experiencing strong growth due to the increasing emphasis on businesses’ online presence and digital branding, leading to investments in digital marketing strategies.

2. Major Market Drivers

Key factors include the growing social media usage and the rising penetration of internet services worldwide.

3. Key Market Trends

Integrating emerging technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and chatbots into digital marketing strategies sets new benchmarks for immersive user experiences.

4. Geographical Trends

North America dominates the market, driven by high internet penetration, the presence of major tech companies, and advanced digital infrastructure. However, India is evolving as a fast-growing market due to the expanding digital user base and growing technological adoption.

5. Competitive Landscape

Collaboration and strategic partnerships are standard as companies aim to expand their offerings and enhance their market position, often leading to a focus on niche segments or innovative technology integration.

6. Challenges and Opportunities

Challenges include data privacy concerns, the constantly evolving nature of digital marketing tools, and the need for businesses to keep pace with swift technological changes. 

Nonetheless, opportunities for innovation, such as developing more secure data handling practices and the continuous evolution of marketing technologies to meet the changing landscape of user preferences and regulatory requirements, are projected to overcome these challenges.

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Digital Marketing Growth Future

The scope of digital marketing holds vast potential for growth and development. With the increased use of technology and the internet, businesses are expected to continue turning to digital marketing to reach their target audience. Some key trends in digital marketing that are expected to shape its future include the increasing use of artificial intelligence, the growing use of virtual and augmented reality, and the rising use of chatbots.

AI is expected to play a remarkable role in the future of digital marketing. It will help businesses to personalize their marketing efforts and reach out to their audience more effectively and efficiently. Virtual and augmented reality is also expected to play a crucial role in the future of digital marketing. It will help businesses to create more immersive and interactive experiences for their target audience.

Chatbots are also expected to play a significant role in the future of digital marketing. They will help businesses to provide quick and efficient customer service and help automate numerous manual tasks involved in digital marketing.

FAQs on the Growth of the Digital Marketing Industry in India

1. Is the digital marketing industry growing?

The digital marketing industry is experiencing substantial growth due to several compelling factors. Businesses now recognize that digital strategies have a higher ROI of digital marketing than traditional marketing techniques. They capitalize on the efficiency of multiple marketing channels to reach a diverse consumer base.

2. What is the growth of the digital marketing industry in India?

The digital marketing industry in India is undergoing notable growth and is expected to reach a value of ₹537 billion by 2024. India is the second largest internet market globally, with about 900 million users.

3. Why is digital marketing growing fast?

Digital marketing is experiencing rapid growth due to various factors, including Widespread Internet Usage: The increasing global internet penetration means more people are online, providing a vast and accessible audience for digital marketing efforts.

4. How big is the digital marketing industry in India (2024)?

The Indian digital marketing industry is massive and expected to reach a value of INR 537 billion by the end of 2024. This indicates significant growth, with annual increases of 25-30%.

5. What is the future of the digital marketing industry?

The future of digital marketing seems brighter than ever. It involves continued innovation, enhanced targeting, and personalized messaging to improve customer engagement.  Digital marketing is here to stay; all businesses must embrace and adapt to this trend. For growth, they must focus on personalized content, influencer marketing, social commerce, voice search, video marketing, and AI.

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The growth of the digital marketing industry in India gives businesses and professionals a dynamic and exciting ecosystem. The ever-evolving trends necessitate continuous learning and adaptation for those who wish to thrive in this space.

By embracing new technologies, focusing on data-driven strategies, and creating engaging content experiences, businesses can leverage digital marketing power to reach new heights. With its ever-expanding user base and a constant influx of innovation, the future of digital marketing in India appears nothing short of phenomenal.


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