Top 15 Social Media Marketing Strategies & Approaches in 2024

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Most of you will realize it’s checking your phone or scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. Right? It’s not just you. That’s how most people around the world start their day.

Social media is more than a place to connect with friends. It goes beyond photos, memes, and stories. It’s a platform for brands and businesses to share their vision, post authentic content, connect with millions of potential customers, and influence their lives. A data-driven social media marketing technique can work like a charm on users. 

Businesses have noticed the potential and power of social media and are using it as a crucial marketing tool to reach their target audiences. Whether a startup or a large corporation, every company is experimenting with social media to thrive and sustain itself in the market.

However, just marking your presence across social media platforms is not enough. You need the right strategy to compete with other brands and get maximum attention. We understand that social media marketing can be overwhelming at times. Hence, we have listed 15 social media marketing approaches to inspire you and help you achieve the best results. 

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What Is Social Media Marketing?

A social media marketing strategy is the outline or summary of everything you plan to do and expect to achieve on social media. It includes content you hope to post, channels to use, trends to follow, target audience to reach, and actions to take. It also covers your goals and ensures your marketing strategy aligns with the set goals. 

These strategies are like a master plan for developing and posting social media content and connecting with people. The clearer your strategy, the more effective it will generate results. 

Businesses implement marketing strategies on social media that encompass engagement tactics, social media content guidelines, target audience, and other essential aspects. 

Remember that strategies must be concise and achievable rather than setting unattainable standards. For practical exposure and hands-on experience in social media management and its strategies, join our social media marketing course. It’s the best place to hone your skills and get job-ready. 

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Top Social Media Marketing Approaches to Try in 2024

Are you looking for the right strategy for social media marketing? Here are the best and proven social media marketing strategies you can try in 2024.

  1. Brand Management
  2. Encourage User-generated Content
  3. Leverage the Power of Chatbots
  4. Conduct Social Media Contests
  5. Build a Community
  6. Adopt Social Media Targeting
  7. Collaborate with Brands
  8. Go Live
  9. Engage Users with Storytelling 
  10. Incorporate Video Content
  11. Try Influencer Marketing
  12. Use Social Commerce
  13. Don’t Ignore Social Media Bookmarking
  14. Build an Army of Brand Advocates
  15. Connect with Users Through Social Listening

1. Brand Management

Brand management involves creating and maintaining social media accounts to connect with people and engage them with the brand. It is an effective way to share valuable information with users, build trust, and increase followers on various platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram.

This tactic actually uses social media to socialize with the target audience and get closer to them. Brands can gain popularity, build a positive image, and establish themselves as a go-to destination for a specific product or service. So, whenever a user needs your products, rather than searching on Google, they will directly visit your page or website to buy. 

However, due to fierce competition in the digital landscape, you will need patience and time to see results. People will take time to trust you, which can take months. You must stay persistent and make every effort to promote your brand.

2. Encourage User-generated Content

Creating compelling and unique content regularly for social media can be exhausting for marketers. But not anymore. Encourage your customers and users who already use your products to share their reviews on social media channels via stories or posts. This is known as user-generated content, a result-driven marketing strategy for social media that many leading brands are tapping into. 

Request your clients to share their feedback, testimonials, experiences, videos, and images using the designated hashtags. This will not only engage the audience but also build customer loyalty and foster trust. You can organically expand your social media network and create a dedicated community for your brand. 

Through contests, hashtags, and incentives, you can ensure user-generated content. Interact with users and followers to promote active participation. 

3. Leverage the Power of Chatbots

Artificial intelligence and chatbots have taken social media by storm. As they continue to transform customer services and online marketing, brands and marketers are using them to reap maximum benefits.

They are reliable social media management tools companies use to interact with customers, solve their problems, and address their queries without any human intervention. These technologies automate responses, providing round-the-clock support to users for enhanced experience. 

Chatbots are intelligent enough to answer FAQs, collect valuable customer data, guide users, and facilitate transactions. Customers are now more comfortable interacting with chatbots, as they no longer have to wait for hours to get their issues resolved. The best part is that AI-powered capabilities ensure human-like interactions, which increase engagement and satisfaction.

4. Conduct Social Media Contests

We are all familiar with social media contests by now, yet many marketers ignore them when developing social media campaigns. Contests are a proven social media marketing technique that boosts user engagement and accelerates business growth. 

This marketing tactic can go a long way if you want to increase your followers and engage new users. It is also a great opportunity to get contact details of users and generate leads. Use reliable software or tools to run contests on your social media profile. 

Ask participants to follow your account or page to witness growth. Make sure that the contest is not too complex but requires people to do basic and simple things, like sharing their picture with your product, using designated hashtags, or tagging your brand. 

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5. Build a Community

Yes, social media followers are crucial to survive in the industry and gain the attention of users. However, they are not the ultimate goal of businesses and do not indicate social media success. You need to build a community where people and your brand can interact with each other.

You need to show people that they are not communicating with a robot. For this, you need to develop a personality that aligns with your brand voice and tone. Mix some emotions and humor to make your posts and brand more relatable to the audience. 

Avoid posting repetitive content or images, as users may lose interest after a while. Give them something unique to discuss and create a safe space for them to talk to your brand. 

Encourage community interactions by collecting opinions or views about certain trending issues, asking them to like and share your posts, asking interesting questions, sharing exciting information, replying to their comments, etc.

6. Adopt Social Media Targeting

Social media targeting allows you to connect with people individually and engage each user with your brand. This is among the most targeted social media marketing strategies where you create a personal connection with people through more active interaction. 

It is a direct way of promoting your brand and selling your products. You can find people on social media platforms, drop a personal message, comment on their posts, etc. For example, a user posts about requiring a service, and you immediately reply, offering them your services. If a buyer is not happy with a certain brand, you can address this query by posting about your products. 

This is more common on Twitter, where companies often sell corporate solutions. Some organizations also use LinkedIn to approach users. It is an effective strategy for short-term results, but output can vary depending on your activity. 

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7. Collaborate with Brands

These days, many beloved and leading brands are collaborating as a part of their growth strategies. Both brands join hands to create an engaging and interesting video or ad to reach their target audiences.

When a small brand comes together with a top one, it leads to instant credibility and trust. The audience feels confident about the small or new company and doesn’t hesitate to buy its products or services. 

Also, as small businesses have local followings, it can benefit big brands that can reach more people, and both of them can boost their sales and drive more followers. 

8. Go Live

Companies already use videos to engage social media users and tell their stories. However, it’s time to push boundaries and share the latest events and activities in real time with your audience. Hence, live videos come into play. They are one of the best social media marketing techniques for grabbing the attention of potential customers. 

With changes in the Facebook algorithm, the social media channel is continuously advising people to make the most of the Facebook Live feature. These real-time videos can get six times more interactions than regular videos. Moreover, the number of live videos via Instagram Stories has surged significantly, reaching around 300 million users. 

Live videos are more raw and genuine, which piques the interest of users. Hence, big and small brands are conducting Q&A, celebrity chats, how-to videos, and more in live sessions. 

9. Engage Users with Storytelling 

Social media is full of impersonal content, spammy links, and frustrating ads. Not everything you post has to be promotional. People are done with them and want something they can connect with emotionally. So, if you think you can score more followers with the same monotonous content, you are wrong. 

You need a storytelling approach to drive discussions and engage people with your posts. Create a story to convey your brand message and post it without any links or CTAs, as it adds a human touch to interactions. 

There are many Instagram pages and Facebook accounts that are thriving through storytelling and emotional content. For example, Humans of New York, Humans of Bombay, etc. 

When you focus on storytelling content, you build a positive image and convey a meaningful message. Also, social media algorithms don’t support promotional brands and posts. So, when you do something different, it catches the attention of the algorithm, and you have a better chance of popping up in users’ feeds. 

10. Incorporate Video Content

Videos are effective and engaging medium to convey loads of information faster and to wider audiences in a short span. Brands are using YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to take their users behind the scenes and introduce them to the aspects they don’t usually get to see. 

Seeing the popularity and usability of videos, most social media channels have now introduced short-term videos, such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram and Facebook Reels, and more. 

It is now one of the most commonly used social media marketing methods to connect with younger audiences who have shorter attention spans. Creative and trendy videos highlighting your products or services can take your brand to new heights. They can instantly capture users’ attention amidst fast-paced scrolling and entice them to explore your page and website for more information. 

So, harness the power of videos to captivate more people and stand out in the industry. 

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11. Try Influencer Marketing

Just a few years back, only a few businesses were incorporating influencer marketing in their social media campaigns. However, other brands soon realized they couldn’t influence social media users alone. They need a way to spread their message to amplify brand awareness and gain traction.

Hence, more business owners started embracing influencer marketing and collaborating with popular social media personalities. As they already have a built-in audience that follows and trusts them, it can work wonders for your brand. Hence making it one of the most powerful marketing tactics that can instantly generate results and boost sales. 

As you zero in on the influencers gather a list of people who align with your brand value and niche. They should connect with your target audience and have a loyal fanbase. Create marketing campaigns that maintain the authenticity of influencers while impacting users to buy your products or services. 

As people pay attention to every word influencers say, avoid scripted messages. Prefer long-term collaboration to enhance user engagement and improve conversion rates. There is no denying that influencer marketing demands effort and resources. However, if done correctly, it can generate impressive results. 

12. Use Social Commerce

Social shopping means buying products on social media channels. This is among a few new social media marketing techniques but is rapidly gaining popularity. Businesses use Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms to sell their services and products. Buyers don’t have to go through a complex buying procedure. 

Brands have made social media shopping seamless, integrating it into consumers’ daily routines. This enhances user experience and compels them to return. With more streamlined purchases, businesses are expanding by leaps and bounds. 

Shopping is now so hassle-free and quick that even people who are not tech-savvy can buy anything conveniently with just a few clicks. Rest assured that with more advanced features and innovations, social shopping will thrive. So, incorporate it into your marketing campaign and explore endless opportunities.

13. Don’t Ignore Social Media Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites allow people to share resources through a reference URL, so they don’t have to share the entire content. There are dozens of examples of such platforms, such as Mixx, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. 

Businesses use it to achieve a top rank or appear on the front page of these sites, which drives traffic to the website. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You need to craft unique content that has the potential to go viral. Also, get power users on board to endorse your brand. 

This demands money, but once you hit the right chords, the traffic you can get will be worth the investment. 

14. Build an Army of Brand Advocates

When you explore Instagram or Facebook, you can see such interesting and new content. Keeping pace with the ever-increasing competition can be challenging, and brands need to come up with an out-of-the-box idea to establish themselves. So, why not use your top promotional tool? We are talking about people who are already a part of your network and love your brand, i.e., your employees and customers. 

They can be pivotal in promoting your brand, taking your brand beyond its social media reach. Your employees know your brand inside out, so use this to your advantage by encouraging them to share brand-related content on their profiles. 

Also, when your customers share their positive feedback and experience, it influences others to try your products. They can be your brand advocates, giving a shout-out from their personal social media accounts. 

This is an organic social media marketing strategy, but you must create a few guidelines specific to your brand so your advocates can stick to the best practices while promoting your brand. 

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15. Connect with Users Through Social Listening

Social listening refers to monitoring brand mentions and industry discussions across social media channels to gain meaningful insights and stay updated with current trends. It helps you assess your audience’s requirements and analyze your competitors.

You get the latest information, which enables you to make real-time adjustments to your marketing campaign for better results. For example, when a user mentions your brand in a comment to raise a query, and you revert within no time, it shows prompt marketing. 

Listen to everything happening on social media. This can help you craft an adaptable marketing strategy that generates the desired results. 

16. Combine Multiple Social Media Marketing Approaches

If you think you can focus on one social media marketing strategy and achieve success, then let sorry to burst your bubble. A few brands invest all their time, resources, and money in a single approach without realizing that combining them can yield excellent results. 

If you want to connect with more people and engage them so they buy from you, mix the listed strategies wisely to create a diverse and expansive social media marketing campaign. There might be an overlap between the strategies, so one tactic can serve multiple purposes. 

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The Bottom Line

Social media is a valuable tool for driving engagement and achieving business goals. So, utilize it wisely and to the fullest extent of its capabilities to reap the maximum benefits. It can help you enhance brand awareness, improve conversion rates, and find new collaborations and partnership opportunities. 

All these strategies may sound too complicated, but be patient and use them the right way to generate results. If you want expert guidance, sign up for our digital marketing course online where you will learn each concept in detail and through live assignments. You will learn the fundamentals of different online marketing and social media marketing concepts in live and experts-led classes. 

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