What is Kotlin Programming? Full Introduction With Basics & Features

Many programming languages impacted Kotlin, including (but not limited to) Java, Scala, C#, and Groovy. One of the key ideas behind the introduction of Kotlin programming language is that it is pragmatic, a programming language useful for Android development that assists users in getting the job done with its features and tools. 

Kotlin is a general-purpose, multiplatform, statically typed programming language. It currently supports compilation to the following platforms as of version 1.7:

  • JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
  • JS (JavaScript)
  • Native (native binaries for various architectures)

Furthermore, its Kotlin Multiplatform Project (Kotlin MPP) capability offers seamless interoperability between different platforms.

Kotlin’s type system distinguishes between nullable and not-nullable types at compile time, attaining null safety, i.e., ensuring the absence of runtime problems caused by a value’s lack (i.e., null value). Kotlin additionally enhances its static type system with gradual and flow typing features for improved interoperability and ease of development.

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What is Kotlin Programming Language?

Kotlin is a popular open-source programming language developed by JetBrains that can be used to develop Android applications.

It can be used on top of JVM or JavaScript, or even without the need for any of them, because it is being developed concurrently in native with LLVM. This language is statically typed. As a result, it is entirely compatible with Java code, enabling us to transfer our projects gradually.

What is Kotlin Used For?

Kotlin is intended to operate on a Java Virtual Machine and can coexist with Java. Although Kotlin began as a language for Android development, its features soon expanded beyond the Java community and are now utilized for many applications. Kotlin is used for:

  • Android development
  • Back-end web development
  • Full-stack web development
  • Data Science
  • Multiplatform mobile development

Kotlin Basics for Android

Since Google I/O in 2019, mobile app development on Android has become Kotlin-first.

– Less Code with Improved Readability

Spend less time writing code and more time understanding the regulation of others.

– Mature Language and Environment 

Since its inception in 2011, Kotlin has evolved as a language and an entire ecosystem with sophisticated tooling. It is now fully integrated into Android Studio and is actively utilized by numerous businesses to develop Android applications.

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– Support for Kotlin in Android Jetpack and Other Libraries

KTX extensions extend current Android libraries with Kotlin language features such as coroutines, extension functions, lambdas, and named arguments.

– Java Interoperability

You can utilize Kotlin alongside Java in your apps without moving all of your code to Kotlin.

– Code Security

Less code and improved readability result in fewer errors. The remaining mistakes are detected by the Kotlin compiler, rendering the code safe.

– Learning is Simple

Kotlin is an easy language to learn, particularly for Java developers. One can choose a reliable Android app development course and learn basic to advanced concepts easily. 

– A Large Community

The Kotlin community is very supportive and generous, and it is expanding all over the world. According to Google, Kotlin is used by more than 60% of the top 1000 apps on the Google Play Store.

Key Features of Kotlin

When creating mobile applications, Kotlin stands out for its benefits over Java. It also offers capabilities that make it easier to read and create code.

Among Kotlin’s features and attributes are the following:

1. Compatible with Java Code

The fact that Kotlin is made to interoperate with the Java language syntax properly is one of its primary features. As a result, Java-written existing code can work appropriately with Kotlin and vice versa.

2. Easy Learning Curve

The syntax’s simplicity makes for an easy, quick learning curve for individuals who desire to learn their first programming language. Another significant benefit is that it is open-source, which means that the Kotlin community is very supportive.

3. Reduced Programming Time

One of Kotlin’s advantages is that it eliminates duplicate code, and is short and to the point, considerably improving the efficiency of developing code and preventing repetition.

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4. Functional and Object-Oriented Programming

Although a goal-oriented paradigm is typically the rule in creating mobile apps, Kotlin shows that combining functional and object-oriented programming is possible. 

Furthermore, the most frequent and laborious jobs in development are made simpler by the ability to deal with lambdas in this environment.

5. Coroutines

Kotlin’s coroutines, which ease the laborious work of network calls and database access while leaving callbacks behind, are another significant benefit of asynchronous programming.

6. Flexibility

Kotlin allows developers the flexibility to use any coding style they like. As a result, it has functional and object-oriented constructs and is quite flexible. This results in a better programming experience overall.

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Is Kotlin Better Than Java?

The great discussion regarding the “war” between Kotlin and Java described above comes up again, even though we have already outlined the many benefits and features that Kotlin offers.

The primary web communities have a strong history of using Java. However, the use of Kotlin is growing every day, particularly for creating Android mobile applications. What sets them apart?

Java is the popular programming language for creating mobile apps, but it is not the only choice; this is a complicated topic to answer. However, some of the variations are as follows:

  • Java code that uses a lot of redundancy tends to be more comprehensive and lengthy. Beginning programmers will find it simpler and more current to learn Kotlin.
  • Numerous Java issues have been solved by Kotlin, including the lack of basic types, the type system’s control over null references, and the lack of significant exceptions. For developers, this makes it a beneficial language.
  • Java also has issues with unending blocks, limited extensibility, and a lack of support for functional programming.
  • Compared to a contemporary language like Kotlin, Java syntax is rather lengthy.
  • In comparison to Java, Kotlin is safer. Kotlin is Null Safe, meaning that objects are not null by default and that attempting to assign a null directly to a variable would result in a compilation error. They are highly prone to mistakes in Java, though.
  • When compared to Java, Kotlin development can result in a 40% reduction in the amount of code.

How to Learn Kotlin Online?

Kotlin is a modern, expressive programming language designed for developers. Kotlin is a programming language for Android, web development, and other purposes since it is concise, open-source, and secure. 

You can enroll in an online Android app development course to learn how to build Android apps using Kotlin. 

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Kotlin Programming FAQs

What is Kotlin in Android?

Kotlin is a statically typed open-source programming language that supports object-oriented and functional programming. Kotlin shares syntax and concepts with other languages, such as C#, Java, and Scala, among many others.

Is kotlin a programming language?

Yes, Kotlin is a programming language.

Who developed Kotlin?

JetBrains developed Kotlin.

Where is Kotlin used?

Kotlin can be used for server-side, client-side web, and Android programming. Support for other platforms, including embedded systems, macOS, and iOS, is now in the works with Kotlin/Native.


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