Is Full-Stack Developer a Good Career? (2024 Guide)

Have you ever wondered about the future of full-stack developers in India? These talented tech wizards possess a unique skill set for developing front-end and back-end web applications. 

As technology advances and businesses seek innovative solutions, full-stack developers are becoming more critical than ever. They are vital in shaping India’s digital landscape and creating exciting user experiences. The job market is ever-changing, and knowing which career path to take can be challenging. If you are considering a career in development, you are on the right track. Full-stack developers are in immense demand, and their skills are only becoming more valuable. 

This blog will explore whether being a full-stack developer is a good career choice and what to expect regarding growth and development.

Career Path of a Full-Stack Developer 

Full-stack developers are familiar with all layers of an application or a website. These layers are collections of diverse technologies required to complete a particular task. 

1. Front-end

Also referred to as the presentation layer. It includes everything that the end-user accesses. Typically, full-stack developers create a front-end layer using HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, and several JavaScript libraries, such as React JS, Backbone, Foundation, and more. 

2. Back-end

Also referred to as the logic layer. It involves everything behind the lens, including the logic that makes an application work. Full-stack developers use languages like Python, PHP, Ruby, and Java to conduct back-end operations. Read our blog on How to become a Backend Developer for more details.

Why Choose Full Stack Development?

The role of a full-stack developer, though, is intimidating. However, with its diverse responsibilities, the prospects it provides to developers are manifold, from a lucrative salary to an ocean of skill sets. Moreover, the ever-evolving tech industry needs professionals who keep up with the current trends. 

Below are reasons why a full-stack developer makes up for an excellent career path:

1. Great Exposure

The tasks for full-stack developers include managing the front-end and back-end of a website, ensuring the design structure is cohesive, and the software functions seamlessly. They collaborate closely with product management teams, design teams, company decision-makers, and clients, gaining exposure and learning from industry experts.

2. Constant Learning 

As technology evolves rapidly, full-stack developers are at the forefront, empowered by their commitment to staying up-to-date with new programming languages, development software, and trends. Even experts with advanced skills and substantial knowledge understand the importance of constant skill updates to survive and thrive in the industry. The best way to embrace these new learning opportunities is through full-stack development courses, insightful blogs, and interactive webinars. 

3. Well-rounded Solutions 

Full-stack developers, with their comprehensive knowledge across all tiers, are the driving force behind well-rounded solutions. Their expertise leads to fewer errors, higher efficiency, and relatively straightforward product testing and code debugging. This advantageous effect on solution development results not only earns companies recognition in the market but also underscores the value of full-stack developers as an asset. Your skills and contributions are highly valued, making you an integral part of the company’s success.

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4. More Flexibility

Being versed in diverse development topics gives you greater flexibility in the work environment. You can resolve issues more efficiently and have more control over the product you are working on. The company allows you to offer quirky solutions and use your creative knowledge to achieve a successful result.

5. Higher Productivity 

A full-stack developer does everything from constructing a company’s database to adding graphics to a web page. The ability to see the big picture and make technical decisions swiftly increases a company’s overall productivity. Higher project control and creative freedom permit you to boost an organization’s performance and save time.

6. Increasing Demand

The ability of full-stack developers to work on 3 project stages—display, logic, and database—makes them highly sought-after professionals. Companies entrust full-stack developers with different projects that they would only assign to some people in the business. The greater dependence on full-stack developers speaks for the spike in demand.

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Why Full-Stack Development Has a Bright Future?

Below are the reasons why full-stack developers will be in huge demand in the forthcoming years:

1. Increasing Demand for Web Applications

As businesses move online, the demand for web applications is increasing. This means a growing need for full-stack developers who can build these applications.

2. Diverse Skillsets

Full-stack developers can develop front-end and back-end code with a profound knowledge of how the entire system works. This makes them invaluable to businesses that require someone to build and maintain complex web applications.

3. Lucrative Pay

One key factor determining the attractiveness of a full-stack developer career is the salary potential. Full-stack developers enjoy competitive salaries due to their in-demand skill set and the value they bring to organizations.

4. Exciting and Challenging Field

Building web applications needs an in-depth understanding of multiple technologies and how they work together. This can be gratifying for individuals who enjoy problem-solving and working with complex systems.

5. Multiple Job Opportunities

With the increasing demand for web applications, many job opportunities are available for full-stack developers. Also, job postings for full-stack developers have increased recently.

6. In-demand Skills

The skills needed to be a full-stack developer are currently in high demand across industries. So those with the necessary skills can find well-paying jobs in various fields.

7. More Room for Growth

Full-stack development is exciting because new technologies are constantly emerging to build better web applications. Present-day advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence can create more intelligent and user-friendly applications.

8. Inadequate Workforce

Full-stack developers are in high demand due to a need for qualified candidates because they have various skills that allow them to perform a variety of responsibilities effectively. In a competitive job market, their capacity to fill skill shortages, expedite projects, and adjust to shifting demands makes them attractive assets. 

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Average Salary of a Full-Stack Developer in India

In India, a full-stack developer’s income could differ from location to location. A few other factors might affect the salary, including the applicant’s skill set, experience, education, city, and job title. The average salary for a full-stack developer in India is ₹6,77,000 annually.

1. Salary Based On Skills

The specific skills significantly influence the salary of a full-stack developer. In India, the full-stack developer’s salary is based on a variety of elements that fall under the area of skill set. 

Here is the average salary according to skill level:

  • JavaScript with Full-Stack Developer – ₹6,00,000 annually
  • Python with Full-Stack Developer – ₹5,48,666 annually
  • Node JS with Full-Stack Developer – ₹5,40,000 annually

2. Salary Based On Location

Different leading corporations in India have headquarters in cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi. This factor substantially impacts full-stack developer salaries in these cities. 

The following are the average salaries based on location.

  • Mumbai – ₹5,90,000 annually
  • Bangalore – ₹8,60,000 annually
  • Chennai –  ₹8,00,000 annually
  • Hyderabad –  ₹8,30,000 annually

3. Salary Based on Experience

The level of experience has a big impact on a full-stack developer’s income. Significant experience with a renowned organization puts you ahead of many potential employers. 

Below are the average salaries of full-stack developers in India based on their experience:

  • Freshers – ₹1,80,000 annually
  • Upto to 7 years – ₹8,70,000 annually
  • 10 to 20 years – ₹20,40,000 annually

4. Salary Based on Company

According to hiring limits and ideologies, Indian companies pay full-stack developers at various levels. 

Here is a list of the top recruiters in India, along with a breakdown of their base pay ranges. 

  • Tata Consultancy Services – ₹5,50,000 annually
  • IBM – ₹11,50,000 annually
  • Infosys – ₹5,50,000 annually
  • Wipro – ₹7,10,000 annually

FAQs: Is Full-Stack Development a Good Career?

1. What is a full-stack developer?

A full-stack developer has the skills and knowledge of front-end and back-end development processes and technologies. They handle web development from conceptualization to launch and post-deployment maintenance. 

2. What are the top skills required to become a full-stack developer?

Full-stack developers must have adequate skills in front-end and back-end technologies, web architecture, and programming languages, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, Vue, Python, Java, PHP, Node.js, express.js, servers, database management systems, Git, GitHub, APIs, Rest, SOAP, and tech stacks like LAMP, LEMP MEAN, MEVN, Django, etc.

3. What is the typical full-stack developer career path?

With minimum or no experience, you can start as a junior full-stack developer. Over 3 to 5 years, you can progress to a senior full-stack developer role by deepening your front-end and back-end technology skills. In the long term, at a higher level, this can translate to a director role.

4. Why full-stack is so popular? 

Full-stack development entails managing various aspects of coding and designing software solutions for computer and web applications. The professionals in this field are skilled and have diverse knowledge, so they are well-liked.


A full-stack developer is a valuable asset for companies seeking to grow in technology. With swift developments in software and technology, the scope of full-stack developers is expected to rise. Make the most of your full-stack developer career and learning paths by enrolling in an online full-stack developer course and reaping the benefits of hands-on learning and resume-worthy live projects.

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