Top 7 Free Backlink Checker Tools in 2024 (Check Backlinks)

Creating a website is easy; however, maintaining its position on Google is challenging. Backlinks are essential in climbing the higher ladder on the search engine. Therefore, acquiring superior-quality backlinks for your website is on your mind, and that’s one of the reasons you are looking for a free backlink checker tools.

Gone are the days when you depend on one particular tool to meet all your SEO (search engine optimization) requirements. Therefore, we have listed below free backlink checker tools you must try.

What are Backlinks?

Have you ever read an online article and clicked on a link provided to another website? This is a backlink. It is a way of linking back to a site associated with the subject of that article or business. In the eyes of search engines, backlinks are a bit like votes for your site. The more links you have, the higher your site will likely rank in search engines.

Some businesses arrange with eminent guest post bloggers to write articles about topics within their niche to increase site traffic. These are often paid for or traded with backlinks to the websites of bloggers. The same goes for partner websites, businesses, product reviews, newspaper articles, etc.

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Why are Backlinks Important for a Website?

Backlinks are essential to SEO because they inform Google that another resource considers your content valuable. The more high-authority sites give your website the seal of consent by linking back to you, the greater your authority becomes. Search engines assume your content is more valuable as a website earns new backlinks.

Besides upgrading your organic SEO ranking, backlinks also help revamp your authority with potential customers. Links can:

  • Build relationships between websites, linking your business to an authority
  • Uplifts brand awareness, assisting new customers to find your site pages
  • Drive new traffic from customers who are particular to your target audience

Sometimes, backlinks can also fascinate more backlinks. If writers spot your website as an authority since other companies are linking to it, they will also want to connect to you. Crucially, backlink success isn’t just attracting the correct links from high-authority websites. You also must make sure all of your backlinks are superior. Poor quality backlinks cause Google to identify you with spammy, untrustworthy websites, penalizing you.

A backlink checker tool can help you find new backlinking opportunities and identify which links you need to get rid of.

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What is the Need for Backlink Checker Tool?

Backlinks used to be one of the most critical parameters for high page ranking and better keyword ranking. However, with time, Google demoted the priority of backlinks and added more signals to rank a website.

Backlinks are usually categorized in 2 ways: 

  1. Dofollow backlinks 
  2. Nofollow backlinks

When discussing creating backlinks, the main focus is on creating dofollow links. The number of backlinks created for the website is counted using backlink checker tools. A good number of backlinks helps immensely increase the site’s domain authority and Moz rank.

Free Backlink Checker Tools

Below are some free online backlink checker tools that will help you see your website’s incoming backlinks. You can select any one of these tools based on your requirements.

Some offer detailed results, while others provide only the number of backlinks. None require registration or signing up, making the process quick and easy!

1. Semrush Backlink Checker Tool

With the arrival of a modernized links database, Semrush is one of the dominant backlink analytics tools available. Their offering includes several backlinks analytics features for customers with free and paid accounts.

The Semrush backlinks analytics service gives users access to a massive database of backlinks than any other close competitor, so you can find the information you need more quickly.

Features of Semrush’s backlink checker tool are:

  • Live Updates: Consistent updates at the top of your analytics report
  • Link-building Tools: Access to an interface to manage your outreach campaigns
  • Backlink Audit Tool: Thorough analytics into toxic backlinks
  • Google Integrations: Integrate your complete Google Search Console account
  • Bulk Backlink Analysis: Analyzes up to 200 competitors’ domains

What does the free plan offer?

To register for a free account, go to Semrush and enter the URL or domain of the website you wish to check into the search bar.

Create a free Semrush account using your email address. Once your emailID is verified, you get 10 free requests per day. You get 10 results with every request.

What does the paid plan offer?

Semrush paid plan starts at $119 per month and gives access to 5 projects, 500 keywords to track, and a host of additional analytics. Upgrade to premium plans for tools like Google Data Studio integration, content marketing support, and historical data tracking.

When you enter your website URL or competitor’s URL using the Overview tab, you can see your website’s authority score, the number of total referring domains, and backlinks. Also, you can click the Referring Domains tab for an in-depth analysis of the authority score, number of backlinks, and IP address of every backlink.

Clicking on the button to see each website’s backlink total provides more specific insight into the links directing users to your site. You also see which links are dofollow or nofollow.

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2. Ubersuggest Backlink Analyzer

Ubbersuggest is an excellent tool for fundamental insights into your backlinks and is one of the popular options for free analytics.

It works by inspecting the link data of the URL added to a search bar. You get handy data for competitor analytics to search for areas where you miss out on opportunities.

An advanced link filtering system means examining your links according to several factors. For example, you can look at links notably according to region, anchor text, domain score, and page score. There’s also the option to choose to view just nofollow links.

Features of Ubersuggest Backlink Analyzer are:

  • Competitive Analysis: Check the page scores against the competition
  • Backlink Overviews: Quick and straightforward overview of the backlink standing
  • Traffic Insights: Free traffic insights are covered with the backlink tracker
  • Free Keyword Analysis: Search keywords while checking the backlinks

What does the free plan offer?

Ubersuggest free version allows you to execute 3 free daily searches (without registering for an account).

You can view each search’s top 100 links pointing to a domain. Register for a 7-day free trial to test the whole product.

What does the paid plan offer?

Ubersuggest offers 3 paid plans starting at 29 USD monthly. The high-cost accounts come with either 100, 300, or 900 reports per day, access to several projects, and between 100 to 200 tracked keywords with day-to-day updates.

This backlink checker is a relatively straightforward tool for backlink checking; therefore, you shouldn’t have a problem figuring out what you see in the reports. It makes it easy to analyze rivals and know their link-building strategies.

With access to SEO optimization data, like traffic metrics and keywords, you can also learn to improve your site with more than just backlinks.

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3. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

This is one of the leading names in backlink analysis. Daily, Ahrefs updates its backlink technology with new crawled pages. In the search bar, whenever you enter a URL, you get a complete overview of page-level and domain metrics for any target, including access to domain rating and URL rating info, the number of referring domains, etc.

Features of the Ahrefs Backlink Checker are:

  • Proprietary Ratings: Inspect the domain, URL, and Ahrefs rating of every link
  • Backlink Profiles: Users can see entire backlink profiles filtered by domain rating, referring domain, and platform
  • Growth Monitoring: Look at an interactive insight into referring pages and domains over time
  • Domain-wide Metrics: Check extensive domain-wide metrics for every link

What does the free plan offer?

The free version of Ahref’s backlink checker offers 100 backlinks per check and unlimited daily checks. It can be used without creating an account.

What does the paid plan offer?

Starting at $7 for 7 days and then $99 monthly, a paid plan offers up to 500 tracked keywords, 10,000 crawl credits, and 5 projects. There’s also a $179 monthly plan for up to 1,500 tracked keywords on 10 projects and 50,000 crawl credits.

Entering a domain into this backlink checker tool gives you a full report with helpful information. The overview includes the website’s domain rating, total backlinks, and dofollow links percentage.

You can toggle the backlinks chart to show the best anchor texts for your links. Additionally, you can search and analyze links for a specific URL rather than looking at the domain overall.

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4. WebCEO Backlink Checker

WebCEO Backlink Checker

One of the best budget-friendly backlink checkers for users, WebCEO helps check backlinks quickly to ensure your links are powerful, relevant, and diverse. The WebCEO technology gives a panoramic overview of your backlink profile, focusing heavily on variety for better SEO.

You see which linking domains in your backlink portfolio have the most impact online and which might harm your domain authority. Clinking into a backlink domain provides a comprehensive overview of things like Domain Citation flow, Domain Trust flow, and Alexa Traffic Rank.

Features of the WebCEO Backlink Checker are:

  • Comprehensive Metrics: Examine metrics you wouldn’t get elsewhere, like domain citation flow
  • Majestic Data: Remarkably renowned backlink data from Majestic
  • Scheduled Scanning: End users can set up automatic scanning, so you consistently update your profile
  • Analyze Profile at a Glance: This visual checking tool analyzes your profile faster

What does the free plan offer?

There is no lifetime free version of the WebCEO backlink tracker. However, you can try the complete functionality for up to 14 days. Click on sign up to enter your information and start running reports.

What does the paid plan offer?

A Solo plan for $35 per month analyzes 1 website and tracks up to 50 keywords. You can also try Start-up for $99 monthly for 5 projects and 200 keywords. Agency Unlimited at $99 per month allows access to unlimited projects and keywords; however, there are bonus scanning fees.

Using WebCEO, you can verify a lot of information about your backlinks that may not be seen on other free backlink tracking tools. For example, there are insights into URL trust and citation flow, target page information, link status, etc. Everything is arranged in an easy-to-view and consume format so that data overload won’t confuse you.

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5. Moz Link Explorer

The Moz Link Explorer is an excellent example of a suitable backlink tracker any business can use. It has a comprehensive and straightforward tool with intuitive reports to explore.

To check your site backlinks with MOZ, enter the page’s URL you wish to get link data, and it will generate the report.

This tool demonstrates the links to any website, showing why your website ranks in a specific position. Also, differentiate between your competitors’ link profiles to your own, increasing your chances of outranking them.

Features of Moz Link Explorer are:

  • Top Performing Content: Explore which pages and content perform best
  • Monitor new and Lost Links: Track when content gains or loses links over time
  • Broken Link Checker: Insights into the broken links on your website for link equity
  • Spam Scores: Inspect the spam score of backlinks and remove them from the website

What does the free plan offer?

The free plan gives you 10 link queries and 50 rows of data per query monthly.

Enter the Moz account to access the free SEO tools offered. You will receive a notification mail with a link to verify your account and view your reports.

What does the paid plan offer?

With the Moz Pro plan, you can create custom reports, track more info about your site visitors, and access a broad range of backlink insights. Prices start at $99 monthly, paid monthly, or you can save 20% on yearly plans.

Moz backlink checker tool answers all the fundamental questions most companies have about link authority and backlinking opportunities. You can search for broken, spammy, lost links over time.

Researching your top-performing content helps plan your future SEO and content marketing strategies. You can also analyze anchor text to understand better how other people reference your company. It’s a great tool to help make sense of your backlink strategy.

6. Mangools Link Miner


Mangools Link Miner, a backlink checker with a considerable database, is designed to give better insights into your links. Interestingly, it allows you to switch between viewing information about your links and your new or lost ones.

Everything is arranged into an intuitive dashboard, so getting to grips with the available data is accessible. You can check domain authority and compare your backlink profile against your competitors.

Features of Mangools Link Miner are:

  • Comprehensive Domain Scores: Check various metrics for each domain linking to your website
  • Plethora of SEO Tools: Access keyword suggestions and traffic details
  • Easy Interface: Check existing, new, lost existing links with a visual interface
  • Access Tracking Tools: There is access to tools to track keyword growth over time

What does the free plan offer?

Go to Mangools Link Miner page and enter a URL to get started. Create an account with Mangools to access the basic features. 

With a 10-day free trial access to the Link Miner, you can examine domain authority, check dofollow and nofollow links, and even score your trust levels.

What does the paid plan offer?

The basic $29.90 monthly package enables 200 keyword suggestions, 100 keyword lookups, and 25 competitor keyword searches. Also, you can track up to 200 keywords daily.

Mangools immediately shows you your website’s current domain authority, trust flow, referring IPs, citation flow, and referring domains. Also, you can click on several tabs to view which of your backlinks are the newest and which links you have lost over time.

7. SERanking Backlink Analysis Tool

SERanking Backlink Analysis Tool

SERanking promises users a reliable and simple way to develop their data-driven backlinking strategy. You can see your competitors’ backlink profiles arranged into easy-to-read graphs, search for your site, and know more about your dofollow/ nofollow links ratio, referring domains, and page trust.

This tool takes a broad approach to examining backlink opportunities. You can see which of your pages are gaining and losing links over time. You also have insights into the anchor keywords to reference your website and which pages get the most links.

Features of the SERanking Backlink Analysis Tool are:

  • Text Image Insights: Check if a link comes from an image or text block.
  • Page Trust: Verify the trust level of your page as per the specific proprietary rankings.
  • First/ Last Seen: See dates when the SERanking crawler last spotted a link
  • Metrics: Track domain trust, Alexa rank, and other detailed metrics

What does the free plan offer?

The free version of SERanking offers limited information. You can only see a few visual representations of your page, domain trust scores, and the best 20 newest backlinks (one per domain).

To see your backlink status, indexed by Google or more, register for a 14-day free trial.

What does the paid plan offer?

Upgrading to a premium plan provides comprehensive backlink insights and data on referring domains. You get information on IPS, subnets, anchor text, and more.

SERanking offers 3 paid plans starting from $29 monthly. Also, it offers a pay-as-you-go plan that costs $1 per website and $0.0015 for an in-depth analysis of a single backlink.

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Backlinks are still among the top-ranking factors in Google’s search ranking algorithm. So, all bloggers, SEOs, and website owners must watch their backlink profiles. Unfortunately, building and managing backlinks is a time-consuming task. Here’s where the backlink checker tools come in handy. Backlinks are a crucial aspect of SEO, contributing significantly to a website’s authority and search engine rankings. To effectively manage and enhance your backlink profile, you need reliable tools that give valuable insights.

We hope this blog provided helpful information regarding the most effective backlink checker tools. 

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