Best Tableau Course Online (With Certification 2024)

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Best Tableau Course Online (Live Training)

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WsCube Tech offers the best Tableau course in India that helps you master Tableau Desktop. You gain fair knowledge of this widely-used data visualization tool and learn to build interactive dashboards. We also train you in reporting and business intelligence tools that come in handy as a Tableau professional.

Our online Tableau course helps you achieve your dreams and make promising careers in the field. Our certification training program includes multiple hands-on projects and real-life case studies that ensure a practical approach toward learning.

Best Tableau Course Online (Live Training)

Tableau Course Details

Duration Timings
(Mon - Sat) 1 Months 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
(Mon - Sat) 1 Months 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
(Mon - Sat) 1 Months 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
(Mon - Sat) 1 Months 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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Online Tableau Course for Career Growth

Learn to transform raw data into actionable insights, advance your career, and earn a prestigious Tableau certification. With our expert mentorship, hands-on projects, and flexible online classes, you'll gain the skills that employers crave in today's data-driven world.

Tableau is a popular reporting, business intelligence, and data visualization tool. WsCube Tech offers a basic to advanced Tableau course that helps you develop proficiency in data visualization and its architecture.

This comprehensive training program covers basic to advanced topics, including Tableau Desktop, LOD expressions, Tableau Prep Builder, Charts, and Tableau Online. You will also gain an understanding of maps, filters, parameters, dashboards, graphs, and table calculations. During the Tableau online course, you will learn to build visualizations, analyze data, and design dashboards using the Tableau tool to facilitate data-driven decisions.

We have industry practitioners and dedicated mentors in our team to help you acquire essential analytical and advanced data visualization skills through hands-on projects and real-time use cases.

Our modules include use cases and assignments related to multiple industries, including transportation, retail, life sciences, and entertainment, to provide you with practical experience. Moreover, this Tableau developer course includes placement assistance, where we help you build an impressive resume, prepare for interviews, and find jobs based on your interests.

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Online Tableau Course Syllabus 2024

Well-structured & comprehensive curriculum designed according to latest trends and industry standards!

  • What is Tableau?
  • Tableau Desktop vs. Tableau Server
  • Installing and Setting Up Tableau Desktop
  • User Interface Overview
  • Connecting to Data Sources
  • Loading Data into Tableau

  • Data Source Tab and Data Connections
  • Data Preparation Tools in Tableau
  • Joining and Blending Data
  • Cleaning and Transforming Data

  • Building Basic Visualizations (Tables, Charts, Maps)
  • Formatting and Customizing Visuals
  • Sorting and Filtering Data
  • Adding Totals and Subtotals

  • Combining Visualizations into Dashboards
  • Interactivity Options (Actions, Filters)
  • Dashboard Formatting and Layout
  • Dashboard Best Practices

  • Introduction to Calculated Fields
  • Writing Calculated Expressions (Tableau Calculation Editor)
  • Aggregations and Granularity
  • Conditional Calculations

  • Creating Parameters
  • Dynamic Filtering with Parameters
  • Parameter Actions
  • Filtering Best Practices

  • Geographic Data in Tableau
  • Creating Map Visualizations
  • Geocoding and Custom Geocoding
  • Spatial Analysis with Tableau

  • Trend Lines and Reference Lines
  • Forecasting in Tableau
  • Clustering and Box Plots
  • Tableau R Integration

  • Data Blending Across Data Sources
  • Creating Data Extracts (TDE Files)
  • Extract Refresh and Scheduling
  • Data Extract Best Practices

  • Sets and Groups
  • Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions
  • Tableau Prep Integration
  • Custom Table Calculations

  • Publishing to Tableau Server/Online
  • Permissions and Security
  • Embedding Tableau Dashboards
  • Tableau Mobile App

  • Data Source Optimization
  • Workbook Optimization
  • Dashboard Performance
  • Server Performance Tuning

  • Data Connection Issues
  • Calculation Errors
  • Performance Bottlenecks
  • Compatibility and Version Issues

Why Choose WsCube Tech for Best Tableau Certification Course?

Learn from Tableau Experts

Learn from Tableau Experts

We have the most qualified and experienced mentors in our team to train aspirants and learners. They conduct live classes and use effective teaching methods to train you.

Structured & Latest Curriculum

Structured & Latest Curriculum

We’ve curated a comprehensive Tableau course syllabus that covers basic to advanced concepts. We ensure that the course aligns with the latest industry standards and trends.

Interactive Live Classes

Interactive Live Classes

With WsCube Tech, you get to attend regularly-conducted live classes where you can interact with trainers and fellow learners, ask queries, and share opinions in real-time.

Practical Approach

Practical Approach

We adopt a 100% practical approach while training our learners. Hence, we have included multiple projects in the modules that will enhance your learning and build practical skills.

Career Assistance

Career Assistance

After you complete the course and submit the projects, our experts will help you prepare an impressive resume, build a strong portfolio, and find suitable jobs based on your interests.

Tableau Certification

Tableau Certification

Upon completing the course, you will receive a professional certificate from WsCube Tech that will validate your expertise and proficiency as a Tableau professional.

Wscube Tech owner Kushagra bhatia

“It's time for you to future-proof your career!”

“We know that we are influencing the foundations of your future, and we take this responsibility very seriously. With WsCube Tech, I ensure that you always get top-class training backed by practical projects and future prospects. Wishing you a successful & future-proof career!”

Kushagra Bhatia, Founder, WsCube Tech

What Students Say About Online Tableau Course!

We are proud to have positively influenced the career foundations for thousands of learners across India and Asian countries.



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Top Companies Hiring Tableau Developers in India

Top Companies Hiring Tableau Developers in India

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Tableau Course FAQs

Tableau is a powerful data visualization and business intelligence tool used by organizations worldwide. Learning Tableau can help you transform data into actionable insights, making you a valuable asset in the data analytics field.

Our online Tableau course is designed to cater to both beginners and those with some background in data analysis. We offer comprehensive modules that start from the basics and progress to advanced topics.

By the end of the course, you will have a deep understanding of Tableau, be able to create interactive dashboards, and visualize data effectively. You'll also receive a certification that can enhance your career prospects.

Absolutely! Our Tableau course includes mentorship support. You can ask questions, seek guidance, and receive feedback from experienced professionals in the field.

There are no strict prerequisites.

Tableau professionals have a wide range of career options, including roles such as Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Visualization Specialist, and Business Analyst, among others.

While a background in data analysis is helpful, it's not always a strict requirement. Tableau offers various roles suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals, and you can build your skills over time.

Key skills include data visualization, data analysis, proficiency in Tableau software, SQL, and the ability to turn data into actionable insights. Soft skills like communication and problem-solving are also valuable.

Tableau professionals are in demand across various industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, technology, and more. Many large corporations, as well as smaller companies, utilize Tableau for data analytics.

Stay updated by attending Tableau user groups, webinars, and conferences. Additionally, Tableau offers online resources and training courses to help you keep your skills current.

Yes, many Tableau professionals work as freelancers or consultants, offering their expertise to multiple clients or organizations. Freelancing can provide flexibility and diverse project experiences.

Earning potential can vary depending on factors like experience, location, and industry. However, Tableau professionals often enjoy competitive salaries and opportunities for growth.

Tableau is the fastest-growing and most powerful data visualization used for dynamic reporting in data analytics. It allows analysts to process large data sets and convert them into easy-to-understand formats. Anyone who is working as a data analyst must be familiar with the technical know-how of Tableau to present their work effectively.

Tableau has the potential to be among the most loved business intelligence and data analytics tools. It allows effective and faster decision-making by providing easy access and visualization of data. Moreover, companies can gain a competitive edge with Tableau thanks to its excellent features and seamless user experience. The positive outlook has led to great demand for skilled and proficient Tableau experts in the field of data analytics. Therefore, it is considered a lucrative and promising career option for aspirants.

As a professional Tableau developer, you will be responsible for collecting customer requirements and offering relevant technical solutions. You will design, develop, and maintain dashboards by collecting, refining, organizing, and preparing raw data from multiple sources.

You will also deliver and schedule regular reports using data modeling methods, validate the dashboards, and check for improvement opportunities and effective communication with stakeholders.

If you are passionate about using data as the core for developing innovative solutions to address various business issues, you are a perfect candidate for a role in Tableau. People who are curious, inquisitive, and interested in data to seek actionable insights must sign up for our advanced Tableau course.

With our comprehensive training program, you will gain expertise in storage tools and online analytics, conducting tests, and writing test queries. We use Tableau to get visuals that enhance the ability of users to identify patterns.

Master Tableau for Lucrative Data Analytics Careers!

The right time to upskill yourself and build a promising career is now.

Join the best Tableau course now!

  • Master data visualization
  • Get certified for career growth
  • Learn from industry pros
  • Real-world projects
  • Flexible, online classes
  • Hands-on, practical learning
  • Access Tableau software
  • Boost your data skills
  • Transform data into insights

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