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Looking for the best SEO course in India? Your search ends here. Now, join the industry’s top-class and 100% practical-oriented online SEO course and learn in a vernacular manner.

Trusted by thousands of learners in the country, our online SEO training prepares you for the latest search engine optimization skills and trends. Throughout the course, you will learn how to bring a website on the first page of Google with daily assignments and practice.

Online SEO Course

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Skill-Based Online SEO Training With Certificate

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital part of digital marketing. It is the technique that helps businesses to improve the ranking of their website on Google. This assists in reaching the targeted audience and converting them into visitors. With almost every business, regardless of the size, having a website today, SEO skills are in high demand today.

Our online SEO course covers all types and aspects of search engine optimization, including on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and local SEO. You will learn all these techniques from an SEO expert who has managed 100+ projects and generated millions of traffic.

In this SEO training online, you will understand and work on all the latest SEO ranking factors, which will help you to build a great career in the field of digital marketing. You can then become an SEO Expert, SEO Analyst, Digital Marketer, Content Marketing Specialist, SEO Manager, etc.

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SEO Course Curriculum

Well-structured & comprehensive curriculum designed according to latest trends and industry standards!

  • What is SEO?
  • Why is SEO important?
  • What are Search Engines, and how do they work?
  • What is SERP?
  • SERP Features
  • White hat vs Black hat vs Gray hat SEO

  • What are keywords in SEO?
  • Importance of Keyword Research
  • Types of Keywords
  • How to do Keyword Research?
  • Best tools for keyword research
  • Keyword Search Volume and Competition Analysis
  • How to Find Long tail Keywords?
  • Understanding Search Intent
  • LSI Keywords
  • Reverse keyword research

  • Introduction to domain and hosting
  • How to choose the right domain name?
  • ccTLD and global domain extensions
  • How to choose the right web hosting?

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Installing WP from Hosting Account
  • Installing Right Themes and Plugins
  • WordPress Customization
  • How to Create a New Page?
  • How to Create a New Page?
  • How to Create Menu?
  • How to Set Up Contact Form?

  • What is on page SEO & its importance?
  • How to optimize meta tags?
  • How to write effective meta title?
  • How to write convincing meta description?
  • Heading Tags
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Robots Tags
  • Image SEO
  • Internal linking strategies
  • Voice SEO
  • Anchor text
  • Domain Authority
  • What is website structure and why it matters in SEO?
  • SEO-friendly URL structure and folder/subfolders
  • Subdomain vs directory
  • On page SEO Checklist

  • Role of Content in SEO
  • Researching and Identifying Audience Needs
  • Developing Content Plan for Website or Blog
  • Content Cluster Strategy
  • Avoiding Keyword Cannibalization
  • Converting traffic to leads
  • What is SEO-friendly content and its elements?
  • Understanding keyword stuffing
  • Googles Algorithms & Content Guidelines
  • What is Plagiarism and how to avoid it?
  • Readability
  • Analyzing content for improved CTR

  • Step by Step process to start a new SEO project
  • Setting clear and measurable SEO goals
  • Evaluating the current website s SEO performance
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Developing an SEO Strategy
  • Doing SEO on live WordPress site

  • What is Google Analytics and how does it work?
  • How to Set Up Google Analytics?
  • Understanding Users, Views, Engagement Time, Event Count
  • Bounce Rate
  • User and traffic acquistion
  • Source and medium concepts
  • Demographics of audience
  • Devices & technology of visitors
  • Page level analysis of website
  • Tracking individual user actions
  • Concept of Events
  • Concept of Monetization in GA4
  • How to create reports in GA4?
  • How to customize reports in GA4?
  • Setting up UTM parameters

  • What is technical SEO and its importance?
  • What is XML Sitemap & How to Create?
  • What is HTML sitemap & How to Create?
  • What is Robots.txt file & How to Create?
  • Canonical issue
  • Open Graph Tags
  • Twitter Card
  • HTTPS and security considerations
  • 404 page & Creating a Custom 404 page
  • Finding & fixing broken links
  • Setting up Redirections
  • Website speed and performance (with tools)
  • Mobile friendliness and responsive design
  • Crawl Budget Optimization
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Chrome Extensions for SEO Productivity
  • Introduction to schema and its role
  • Different Types of Schema
  • How to create schema code?
  • Validing code with Rich Results Test
  • How to Check Schema on a page?

  • Introduction to Google Search Console & its uses
  • GSC vs GA
  • How to set up GSC using various methods?
  • Sitemap submission
  • URL inspection
  • Tracking performance, keywords, CTR, position
  • Filtering and comparing performance
  • Using Regex Filters
  • Indexing report
  • Understanding and fixing technical issues
  • Page Experience
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Mobile Usability
  • Enhancements
  • Security and Manual Actions
  • URL removal

  • Introduction to Google Web Stories
  • Setting Up Web Story Plugin
  • How to Create a Web Story?
  • Best Practices

  • Introduction to Off page SEO
  • Importance of backlinks in SEO
  • Do follow vs no follow backlinks
  • How to build backlinks?
  • Article Submission
  • QnA Submission
  • Link Building Best Practices (Dos and Donts)
  • Guest posting and outreach
  • Skyscraper technique
  • PR Submission
  • Business listing
  • Infographic submission
  • PDF/PPT submission
  • Image Submission
  • Social bookmarking
  • Classified submission
  • Forum Submission
  • Directory submission

  • Importance of eCommerce SEO
  • Traditional SEO vs eCommerce SEO
  • Creating High Quality Product Descriptions
  • User Generated Content and Reviews
  • Logical Site Structure
  • Categories, Subcategories, and Product Pages
  • SEO for Product Images
  • Schema Markup for Product Pages

  • Introduction to International SEO
  • hreflang tags
  • URL Structure for International SEO
  • Best Practices

  • Introduction to local SEO
  • Setting up Google My Business (GMB) profile
  • NAP consistency (Name, Address, Phone Number)
  • Local citations and directories
  • Local SEO ranking factors
  • Local SEO optimization techniques

  • Google core updates
  • Keyword cannibalisation
  • Link disavow
  • Orphan Pages

  • Why audit your site?
  • How often to audit the site?
  • Audit requirements
  • Using Google Search Console
  • Technical audit checklist
  • How to do Technical Audit of a website?

  • Things to Include in Report
  • How to create the report?
  • Creating topic clusters within seconds
  • Discussing KPIs with clients
  • Templates and Examples

  • Understanding the capabilities of ChatGPT
  • Generating blog post ideas with ChatGPT
  • Creating topic clusters within seconds
  • Using ChatGPT for headline ideas
  • Creating SEO-friendly content outlines
  • Generating blog post ideas with ChatGPT
  • Using ChatGPT strategically for SEO content
  • Writing outreach emails for guest blogging
  • Creating schema markup using ChatGPT
  • 10+ Use Cases of ChatGPT in SEO
  • ChatGPT Prompts to Do It Yourself

  • AI s impact on SEO
  • Search Generative Experience (SGE)

Why Learn SEO Online With WsCube Tech?

Work on Real Projects

Work on Real Projects

During the online SEO training, you will get to work on live websites to gain practical exposure. The practice includes all search engine optimization techniques.

Advanced SEO Techniques

Advanced SEO Techniques

The best thing about our SEO course is that you get to learn basic to advanced techniques and strategies. These set you apart from others in the market.

Access to Premium Tools

Access to Premium Tools

During the SEO training, we will offer you access to both free and premium tools, like Google Search Console, SEMrush, Yoast SEO, and many more.

Mentorship & Guidance

Mentorship & Guidance

The entire SEO online course is covered by the industry’s top experts. Get mentorship and full guidance to learn search engine optimization efficiently.

Job Assistance

Job Assistance

You don’t need to worry about your career in SEO as we offer you job and placement assistance for faster hiring and landing good jobs.

SEO Certification

SEO Certification

After the full SEO course, you will get an industry-recognized certificate that is valid all over the world and showcases your skills in search engine optimization.

Wscube Tech owner Kushagra bhatia

“It's time for you to future-proof your career!”

“We know that we are influencing the foundations of your future, and we take this responsibility very seriously. With WsCube Tech, I ensure that you always get top-class training backed by practical projects and future prospects. Wishing you a successful & future-proof career!”

Kushagra Bhatia, Founder, WsCube Tech

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We are proud to have positively influenced the career foundations for thousands of learners across India and Asian countries.



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Top Companies Hiring SEO Executives & Experts in India

Top Companies Hiring SEO Executives & Experts in India

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FAQs About Online SEO Course With Certificate

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a digital marketing skill that is used to optimize the ranking of websites on Google and other search engines like Bing.

When you search for something on Google, several websites appear for the term you searched. Websites with good SEO appear on the top or first page, while the rest of the websites remain on the pages that don’t get much traction.

If you use the right SEO techniques, you can improve the rankings of any website, bring more traffic, and customers.

You can easily learn it by enrolling in the advanced SEO training online. In this course, you will not only learn all the techniques but also get to implement them practically. In the end, you will also become a certified SEO professional.

In SEO, some of the efforts and techniques are applied to the website that you are working on for optimization. All those techniques come under on-page SEO since you are putting effort into your own website. These include quality content, use of keywords in content, improving the loading speed of the site, using an SSL certificate, meta tags, etc.

On the other hand, off-page SEO includes efforts and techniques on third-party websites to create links to your site. For example, you will create links to your own site from high-authority websites like Forbes, Times of India, etc. This tells Google that some authority websites are referring to you. It eventually helps in improved rankings.

With the online SEO course in India by WsCube Tech, you get a professional certificate for your skills. You can showcase it in your resume and easily get the desired job.

While there are plenty of SEO online courses with certificate, the best in the industry is offered by WsCube Tech. It’s because WsCube Tech has been providing training since 2011 and has established trust among learners with quality content and guaranteed job opportunities after the course.

Furthermore, we have been providing free SEO courses online through our YouTube channel which covers all the basics. Learners have taken benefits from it and helped us cross the milestone of 1 million subscribers.

If you are wondering whether SEO jobs are in demand, then you should not worry. It is because the demand for skilled SEO professionals is on the rise over the last few years.

Every business has a website today and they want to bring their targeted audience to the site and convert them into paying customers. Only SEO experts can help them achieve that.

Hence, enroll today in this advanced search engine optimization training to make the most out of available opportunities.

No. It’s not. You don’t need any prior knowledge of any kind to learn search engine optimization. There are no technical complexities or rocket science. You just need to understand how search engines work, what is the intent of the people who search anything on Google, and then create your strategy. It is a skill that you can develop with the best SEO training online in India.

No. SEO doesn’t require any sort of coding or programming. You can start learning it with zero experience, without any degree or knowledge of technical things.

If you are a college or school learner, job seeker, marketing professional, or business owner, you can join the SEO classes online by WsCube Tech. You just need basic knowledge of computers and the internet.

You will get hands-on several tools, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Ahrefs, SEMrush, UberSuggest, Yoast SEO, PageSpeed Insights, Moz, AnswerThePublic, and more.

Not to worry. You will get access to recordings of all the classes which you can watch if you miss the class or want to revise. In the next classes, you can ask your doubts to the mentor.

Yes. We are offering 2-days of demo classes.

SEO is among the top 5 fastest-growing skills today, according to LinkedIn.

It’s time for you to gain advanced skills and grab the best opportunities.

Enroll in India’s best Online SEO Training Course today!

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Strategic keyword research
  • Backlink building
  • WordPress
  • SEO auditing
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Top ranking factors
  • And 20+ more modules

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