Ethical Hacking Course in Jaipur 2024 (2 Months Training)

Best Ethical Hacking Course in Jaipur (2 Months Training)

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Our Ethical Hacking course in Jaipur teaches you how to use cyber security techniques to protect networks and systems from malicious intrusions and attacks. You gain in-depth skills of fundamental concepts and different ethical hacking tools. With our practical-oriented course, you will build expertise in IT security, which will pave the way for you to plenty of great jobs in the sector.

Our extensive course and professional certificate are a credible stepping stone for any aspiring ethical hacker to start their journey of becoming an adept cybersecurity professional.

Join our ethical hacking course in Jaipur now and learn about session hijacking, building firewalls, cryptography, footprinting, network security, system penetration testing, and more.

Best Ethical Hacking Course in Jaipur (2 Months Training)

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MON - SAT (2 Months) 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
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MON - SAT (2 Months) 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
MON - SAT (2 Months) 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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Build Your Career in Cyber Security With First-Rate Ethical Hacking Training in Jaipur

Ethical Hacking or white hat hacking is one of the most in-demand skills in the tech industry. Companies are looking for proficients who can ensure the security of their infrastructure and systems from malicious attacks.

These professionals hold expertise in computer security and are authorised to hack systems to expose vulnerabilities and take measures to protect them. Our ethical hacking course in Jaipur helps you master every aspect of this domain, including its foundation, processes, and outcomes.

WsCube Tech’s expert mentors have designed a curriculum that helps you learn ethical hacking from scratch. You will get familiar with different hacking tools and methods that every ethical hacking aspirant must know.

Moreover, as the course progresses, you will understand the common attacks, hacking methodology in different domains, and challenges that hackers face. Our courses also cover IDS firewalls and honeypots, Linux and database skills, cryptography, advanced log management, Trojan backdoors and countermeasures, advanced hacking concepts, mobile and web technologies, and network packet analysis.

You will master SQL injection, bWAPP, its features and architecture. Our curriculum focuses on building a strong foundation for enhanced career growth. By working on real-world projects, you will gain hands-on experience in Broken Authentication, Cross-site scripting, and Blind SQL Injections. Also, earn a professional certificate after completing the ethical hacking course in Jaipur to add credibility to your CV and land your dream job.

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Syllabus of Our Ethical Hacking Course Jaipur

Well-structured & comprehensive curriculum designed according to latest trends and industry standards!

  • What is Computer Networking?
  • How does Networking Work?
  • Types of Networks
  • What is IP Address?
  • IPv4 vs IPv6
  • Types of IP Address
  • Introduction to MAC Address?
  • Role of Ports in Networking
  • Introduction to Router and its elements
  • What is OSI Model and How does It Work?
  • What is TCP/IP Model and How does It Work?
  • OSI vs TCP/IP Model
  • What are Network Protocols?
  • Types of Protocols
  • How does TCP Work?
  • TCP vs UDP
  • What is Domain Name?
  • What is DNS?
  • DNS Records and Their Uses
  • What is Zone File?
  • What is HTML Request?
  • What is HTML Response?
  • Types of Request Methods
  • Capturing and Analyzing Network Packets (Wireshark)

  • What is Ethical Hacking?
  • Types of Hackers
  • Types of Attacks on a System
  • Cybersecurity Laws
  • What is Linux?
  • Cool Features of Linux
  • Basic File System of Linux
  • Basic Linux Commands (Practical)
  • Advance Linux Commands (Practical)

  • Installing Kali Linux in Virtual Box
  • Configuring Kali Linux
  • Downloading a Good Wordlist
  • Installing Burp Suite Pro
  • Installing Acunetix Pro
  • And different tools with there Modules..

  • What are Footprinting and Reconnaissance?
  • Types of Footprinting & Reconnaissance
  • Use of Footprinting & Reconnaissance
  • Footprinting Through Search Engines
  • Footprinting using Advanced Google Hacking Techniques
  • Footprinting Through Social Networking Sites
  • Website Footprinting (Netcraft, Wappalyzer)
  • Email Footprinting (Email tracker pro)
  • DNS Footprinting (DNSenum, DNS Lookup, MX Lookup, NS Lookup)
  • WHOIS Footprinting
  • Footprinting Through OSINT Framework

  • What is Network Scanning?
  • Network Scanning Methodology
  • Types of Network Scans
  • Checking for Live Systems and Buffer Size
  • Checking for Open Ports
  • Checking for Services On Ports
  • Checking for Software with versions
  • OS Fingerprinting & Banner Grabbing
  • Countermeasures
  • Saving xml report for Metasploit & Conversion

  • What is Enumeration?
  • Types of Enumeration
  • Default Ports
  • How to Enumerate NetBIOS?
  • How to Enumerate SNMP?
  • How to Enumerate SMTP?
  • How to Enumerate NFS?
  • How to Enumerate DNS?
  • How to Enumerate all Services?
  • Countermeasures

  • What is Vulnerability Assessment?
  • Classification of Vulnerability
  • Vulnerability Assessment Lifecycle
  • Vulnerability Assessment Solutions
  • Vulnerability Scoring Systems
  • Scanning for Vulnerability in Nmap scans result (MSF, Exploit DB, Armitage)
  • Vulnerability Scanning - ZAP (OWASP)

  • Understanding layers of Internet (Deep, Dark, Surface & Hidden Web)
  • Changing User Agent (Random User Agent Switcher)
  • Changing MAC Address (Macchanger)
  • Auto Run Shell Script (MAC Changer)
  • Changing Wi-Fi MAC Address
  • Configuring Proxy (Mannual and tor proxy)
  • Configuring VPN (Free VPN)
  • Who is best for IP Anonymous?
  • Anonymous Configuration in Linux
  • Accessing Dark Web (Tor Browser)
  • Creating Dark Web Website (tor Server)

  • What is System Hacking?
  • System Hacking Methodology
  • Cracking Windows Password (Pwdump, ophcrack, lophcrack)
  • Creating a Good Password list
  • Escalate Privileges in Linux
  • Escalate Privileges in Windows OS
  • System Hacking using URL(Camera, Location, Passwords and more)
  • URL Masking
  • System Hacking using Open Ports (nmap, NetCat, MSF, Armitage, Exploit DB)
  • What is Steganography?
  • Types of Steganography
  • Steganography Practical

  • What is Malware?
  • Example of Malware
  • What is Trojan?
  • What are Viruses and Worms?
  • Types of Malware Analysis
  • Static Malware Analysis
  • Dynamic Malware Analysis
  • How to Create RAT Trojan? (HTTP, RAT)
  • Creating Payloads (MSF)
  • Creating Undetectable Payloads

  • What is Sniffing?
  • How an Attacker Hacks the Network Using Sniffers?
  • Active Scanning Techniques
  • Types of Sniffing
  • Protocols Vulnerable to Sniffing
  • MAC Spoofing
  • MAC Flooding
  • DHCP Flooding
  • Setup DHCP Rouge (MITM Attack)
  • MITM Attack
  • Sniffing with Wireshark

  • What is Social Engineering?
  • Types of Social Engineering
  • Human-based Social Engineering
  • Computer-based Social Engineering
  • Mobile-based Social Engineering
  • Social Engineering Using SET

  • What is DoS Attack?
  • What is DDoS Attack?
  • Basic Categories of DoS/DDoS Attack Vectors
  • DoS in Networking (hping3, MSF, yersiniya)
  • DoS in Websites
  • DoS using Programs and Commands (CPU and Memory Utilisations)

  • What is Session Hijacking?
  • Why is Session Hijacking Successful?
  • Session Hijacking Process
  • Types of session Hijacking
  • Performing Session Hijacking(Burp Suite Professional, Ettercap)

  • What is Web Server? Web Server Attacks
  • Web Server Attack Methodology
  • Web Application Concepts
  • Web Application Hacking Methodology
  • Vulnerability Scanning (Acunetix Pro, Nessus)

  • What is Wireless Networking?
  • Types of Wireless Encryption
  • Types of Wireless Threats
  • Wireless Hacking Methodology
  • Complete Hacking WEP (WI-FI)
  • Basic to Advanced Hacking WPA/WPA2
  • How to Jam Wi-Fi?

  • Mobile Platform Attack Vectors (Vulnerable Areas)
  • OWASP Top-10 Mobile Risks- 2016
  • Mobile Platform Vulnerability and Risks
  • Mobile Security Guidelines
  • Calls, SMS, Email Bombing on Android
  • Generating Payloads (Basic to Advanced)
  • Using Keylogger App
  • Info Gathering from G-Accounts
  • Android & IOS Security Scan (MVT, iMazing)
  • Installing Termux in Android
  • Installing Net Hunter Kali in Android

  • What is Cryptography?
  • Difference Between Encoding, Hashing & Cryptography
  • Types of Cryptography
  • How it works?
  • Cryptography tools
  • Hashing Tools
  • Encoding Tools

  • All about firewalls
  • GUI Windows Firewall configuration
  • GUI Linux Firewall configuration
  • WAF in Linux Config – MOD

  • Improve your Linkdin Profile
  • How to create a good resume
  • Demo Interview preparation
  • How to select a domain in Cyber Security
  • Sources to get good Knowledge

Why We Are The Best Ethical Hacking Institute in Jaipur?

Experienced Mentors

Experienced Mentors

Get trained by skilled and knowledgeable mentors who have worked for leading institutes and top brands. Seek insights into the industry and learn from their experience.

Interactive Live Classes

Interactive Live Classes

We conduct real-time classes where mentors and learners come together on a common platform for group discussions and doubt sessions. You also get recordings of all the classes.

Free Demo Classes

Free Demo Classes

Before enrolling in our ethical hacking courses in Jaipur, we allow all learners to attend free demo classes. Check the level of training and then make your decision.

Hands-on Projects

Hands-on Projects

Work on various ethical hacking projects and leverage advanced tools to provide relevant solutions. Our assignments will help you gain experience of the industry as a professional.

Industry-recognised Certificate

Industry-recognised Certificate

WsCube Tech provides its learners with a professional certificate upon completing the course. This ethical hacking course in Jaipur will give a much-needed boost to your career.

Access to Premium Tools

Access to Premium Tools

As a member of the WsCube Tech community, you will get free access to all the premium tools you can use to complete your assignments and enhance your skills.

Wscube Tech owner Kushagra bhatia

“It's time for you to future-proof your career!”

“We know that we are influencing the foundations of your future, and we take this responsibility very seriously. With WsCube Tech, I ensure that you always get top-class training backed by practical projects and future prospects. Wishing you a successful & future-proof career!”

Kushagra Bhatia, Founder, WsCube Tech

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We are proud to have positively influenced the career foundations for thousands of learners across India and Asian countries.



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Top Companies Hiring Ethical Hackers in India

Top Companies Hiring Ethical Hackers in India

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Ethical Hacking Course Jaipur FAQs

Ethical Hacking involves a professional hacker authorised by a company to levy cyber attacks on a network or computer system to find potential vulnerabilities or threats. Ethical hackers, also known as white hat hackers, are responsible for exposing weaknesses in devices, networks, applications, and endpoints.

Moreover, they also find the scope and time of the attack. As they are employed by an organisation, they work according to the agreement signed with the client. They are different from black hat or grey hat hackers. The former mostly hack devices to harm others or for their benefit, while the latter identify risks and then agree to fix them in exchange for payment.

Undoubtedly, ethical hacking ensures great career opportunities as it is a reliable way to test a network. As a professional, you will use different hacking techniques to expose vulnerabilities.

Moreover, you can even discover threats that may not be prominent, as black hat hackers use the wrong methods. You can find a new attack, and companies can set the right defences against them based on your suggestions. Organisations are always looking for such amazing skills to keep their systems and networks protected.

As a professional ethical hacker, you have wide career options to choose from, such as:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Security consultant (Computing / Networking / Information Technology)
  • Information security analyst
  • Information security manager
  • Penetration tester

Good news, you don’t need any experience or degree to enrol in our ethical hacking course in Jaipur. Anyone who is interested in the field can sign up for the classes.

Our ethical hacking course is for 2 months, during which you will complete 20+ modules and work on projects and assignments.

Yes, learning ethical hacking is beneficial not only to enhance your skills but also to ensure a secure career. It may even come in handy if you work in the tech industry as a programmer or developer. You may apply for an array of job roles and make a handsome salary.

Ethical hacking is an authorised and clean technique to record and analyse data for ethical reasons with a company. The process involves assessing unauthorised networks, devices, systems, applications, and data to seek relevant information.

The fee for this course is only INR 14,750. The amount includes live classes regularly, doubt sessions, study material, such as videos, PDFs, and notes, and access to tools.

Ethical hacking is an ever-evolving concept that involves uncovering vulnerabilities in an application, system, or other sources. The field has a lot to explore yet, and a proficient ethical hacker can find several lucrative opportunities provided they use the skills the right way. Also, as it is a new domain, the competition is less, but the demand is high, which adds to its list of benefits.

Being a leading ethical hacking institute in Jaipur, we have designed an extensive curriculum that covers everything from basics to advanced topics, such as:

  • Introduction to Hacking
  • Information Gathering
  • Scanning
  • Google Hacking Database
  • Social Engineering
  • Virus, Worms – Virus Analysis
  • System Hacking & Security
  • Trojans and Backdoors
  • Sniffers & keyloggers
  • Email, DNS, IP Spoofing
  • HoneyPots

Cybersecurity professionals are in massive demand today. Build a great career in it by learning from experts.

Start learning now with WsCube Tech.

Enroll now in the best ethical hacking training in Jaipur!

  • Ethical hacking introduction
  • Networking concepts
  • Setting up lab
  • Footprinting & reconnaissance
  • Network scanning
  • Enumeration
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • System hacking
  • Malware threats
  • Sniffing
  • Social Engineering
  • DoS/DDoS Attacks
  • Session Hijacking
  • Hacking Web Servers and Apps
  • Hacking wireless platforms
  • Hacking mobile platforms
  • Cryptography

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