Best Data Analytics Course in Jodhpur (Become Data Analyst)

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Data Analytics Course in Jodhpur (Master Data Analysis)

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Join the best data analytics training in Jodhpur and get insights into Data Mining, Power BI, Data Visualization, and more. Get trained by industry experts and professionals who have worked in this field for years and have taught in leading institutes. With WsCube Tech, you get to learn through hands-on projects, assessments, group activities, and case studies.

By the end of the course, you will gain a fair understanding of data analytics tools and techniques, Python programming, working with SQL databases, creating visualisations, predictive analytics, and utilising statistics.

So, enrol in our data analyst course in Jodhpur now and earn an industry-recognised certificate to accelerate your career growth.

Data Analytics Course in Jodhpur

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Data Analysis Training in Jodhpur to Become a Pro Data Analyst

Data Analytics is a process of analysing data, getting insights, and representing them in a meaningful and readable format, such as plots, reports, charts, and dashboards. It aims at helping users make informed business decisions.

WsCube Tech offers a career-oriented data analytics course in Jodhpur to freshers, college learners, working professionals, and freelancers. During the training, you will gain knowledge of this domain, including data transformation, data optimisation, using algorithms to solve complex business problems, data visualisation, and data science project execution.

We adopt a practical approach to train learners and equip them with an understanding of various data processing and visualisation tools, such as SQL, PowerBI, Tableau, Excel, and more.

SQL is a popular tool used to work with the data stored in database management software. On the other hand, PowerBI and Tableau are used to analyse data and present visual stories to users. Our mentors will explain concepts, such as data mining, data cleansing, data preparation, and exploratory data analysis, in detail.

Through real-life projects, assessments, and quizzes, you will be able to enhance your knowledge. Moreover, our job assistance team will help you explore professional opportunities in the field.

So, don’t wait and book your free class now for the world-class data analyst course in Jodhpur!

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Syllabus of WsCube Tech’s Data Analytics Course in Jodhpur

Well-structured & comprehensive curriculum designed according to latest trends and industry standards!

  • Introduction to MS Excel and Beginner's Guide
  • Basic Functions of Excel Data
  • Validation in excel
  • Data Connectors in Excel
  • Using Conditional Formatting

  • Data model and importance of Data Modeling
  • Importing Data in Power Pivot
  • Cardinality and Filter Direction in Power Pivot
  • Hierarchy in Excel

  • Basics of Formatting in Excel
  • Sorting Data in Excel - Different Methods to Sort
  • Filtering Data in Excel
  • Dealing with Null Values
  • Dealing With duplicate Values
  • Trimming Whitespaces
  • Fixing Column Formats

  • Pivot Tables in Excel
  • Pivot Charts in Excel
  • Slicer in Excel
  • Buttons in Excel
  • Recorded Macros in Excel

  • Creating a Dashboard in Excel

  • Text Functions in Excel
  • If, AND and OR Functions in Excel
  • Date & Time Functions in Excel
  • COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, SUMIF, SUMIFS - Functions in Excel
  • Xlookup in Excel

  • Utilizing chatGPT to understand dataset and gain insights over objectives for analysis.
  • Using chatGPT to create outlines for key findings from the dashboard.
  • Using chatGPT for story-telling.

  • Power Query in MS Excel
  • Cleaning and Transformation in Power Query
  • Dealing with text tools in Power Query
  • Dealing with Numerical Tools in Power Query
  • Dealing with Date and Time in Power Query
  • Adding Conditional Columns to Power Query
  • Combine files Using Power Query

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Installation
  • Data Types in MySQL
  • Clauses in MySQL
  • Operators in MySQL
  • li>Set Operation
  • Group By
  • Having Clausue
  • Case Operators

  • Joins in Database
  • Stored Procedures
  • Window function
  • Subqueries
  • Common Table Expression
  • Views in MySQL
  • Using chatGPT to understand complex SQL questions and queries

  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Power BI Dashboard
  • Connectors

  • Introduction to DAX
  • Importance of DAX in Power BI
  • DAX Expressions
  • Steps to Create Calculated Columns in DAX
  • Creation of Measures in Power BI and its types
  • Understanding DAX syntax in Power BI
  • DAX Functions in Power BI
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Text Functions Using DAX
  • Logical Functions Using DAX
  • DAX Operators

  • Basic Transformations in Power BI
  • Format Tool
  • Dealing with text Tool
  • Dealing with Numerical Tool
  • Create a Table Using Power BI
  • Dealing with Date and Time
  • Pivoting and Unpivoting of data
  • Adding Conditional Columns

  • Merge queries and Append queries
  • Data model and importance of Data
  • Modeling
  • Manage Data Relationship
  • Editing a Relationship
  • Cardinality and Cross-Filter Direction

  • Introduction to Visuals in Power BI
  • Visualisation charts in Power BI
  • Filtering Options
  • Exploring Matrix Visuals
  • Filtering Data with Slicers
  • Number Cards and Text Cards
  • KPI Visuals
  • Modifying Colours in Charts And Visuals
  • Visualizing Data with Maps
  • Tree Map
  • Bookmarks and Buttons
  • Custom Power
  • Designing for Phone vs Desktop
  • Report Viewers

  • Introduction to AI visuals
  • Working with AI visuals
  • Analyse data with AI visuals

  • What is a programming language?
  • Python interpreter
  • Python version
  • Advantages of Python language
  • Uses & applications of Python
  • Installation of PyCharm
  • Different ways to run Python code
  • Write your first Python program
  • Multiline Print Statement
  • Comments in Python

  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • User-Input
  • Operators

  • Introduction to Conditional statement
  • Types

  • Types of Loops
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Loops with a conditional statement
  • Infinite Loop
  • Nested Loop
  • Break and continue statement

  • Introduction to strings in Python
  • Indexing
  • Slicing
  • Iteration
  • String functions

  • Introduction to lists
  • Iteration
  • Slicing
  • List Functions

  • Introduction to Sets
  • Iteration
  • Set methods

  • Introduction to Tuples
  • Iteration
  • Function
  • Making tuples mutable

  • Creation of Dictionaries
  • Iteration
  • Dictionary Functions
  • Nested Dictionaries

  • Installing Jupyter Notebook
  • How to use Jupyter Notebook?/li>
  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Installing Pandas
  • DataFrames I- Working with Columns
  • Pandas DataFrames- Working with Rows and Columns
  • Pandas DataFrames: Filtering Data
  • Reading and Analysing CSV Files with Pandas
  • Reading Excel Files: GroupBy and Others Useful Operations
  • Working with Missing Data
  • Merging and Concatenating Files in Pandas
  • Dealing with duplicates in Pandas

  • Introduction to Numpy
  • 1-D Array
  • 2-D Array
  • Indexing
  • Slicing
  • Concatenating
  • Broadcasting
  • Statistical functions
  • Arithmetic functions

  • Introduction to Python Visualization Libraries
  • Installing Matplotlib
  • Creating Scatter Plots
  • Creating Line Charts
  • Line Charts
  • Creating Basic Bar Charts
  • Creating Grouped and Stacked Bar Charts
  • Creating Pie Charts
  • Pie Charts

  • Introduction to Python Visualization Libraries
  • Installing Seaborn
  • Creating Scatter Plots
  • Creating different types of Charts in Seaborn

  • BI Concepts
  • What is TABLEAUO Why Data Visualization?
  • Unique Features compared to Traditional
  • BI Tools
  • TABLEAU Overview & Architecture
  • File Types & Extensions

  • Desktop
  • Server
  • Publisher
  • Public
  • Reader

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Box Plot
  • Bubble Chart
  • Bump Chart
  • Bullet Graph
  • Circle Views
  • Dual Combination Chart
  • Dual Lines Chart
  • Funnel Chart
  • Traditional Funnel Charts
  • Gantt Chart
  • Grouped Bar or Side by Side Bars Chart
  • Heatmap
  • Highlight Table
  • Histogram
  • Cumulative Histogram
  • Line Chart
  • Lollipop Chart
  • Pareto Chart
  • Piatter Plot
  • Ste Chart
  • Scacked Bar Chart
  • Text Label
  • Tree Map
  • Word Cloud
  • Waterfall Chart

  • Create a Dashboard
  • Format Dashboard Layout
  • Create a Device Preview of a Dashboard
  • Create Filters on Dashboard
  • Dashboard Objects
  • Create a Story

  • Data Connections in the Table
  • Interface
  • Connecting to Tableau Data Server
  • Types of Join
  • When to Use Joining
  • What is Data Blending
  • When to Use Data Blending
  • Joining vs. Blending
  • Creating Data Extracts in Table
  • Establishing a Connection
  • Creating an Extract

  • Filters. Applying Filters
  • Quick Filters
  • Sorting of Data
  • Creating Combined Fields
  • Creating Groups and Defining Aliases
  • Working with Sets and Combined Sets
  • Drill to Other Levels in a Hierarchy
  • Grand totals and Subtotals
  • Tableau Bins
  • Fixed Sized Bins
  • Variable Sized Bins
  • Creating and using Parameters
  • Exploring Parameter Controls Using parameters for titles, field selections,logic statements, Top X
  • Cross Tabs Pivot Tables
  • Page Trials
  • Total and Sub-Total
  • Dual Axis / Multiple Measures

  • Working with Strings, Date and Arithmetic
  • Calculations
  • Working with Aggregation Options
  • Working with Quick Table Calculations
  • Custom Calculated Fields
  • Logic and Conditional Calculations
  • Conditional Filters
  • Advanced Table Calculations
  • Understanding Scope and Direction
  • Calculate on Results of Table Calculations
  • Complex Calculations

Why WsCube Tech is Best Institute for Data Analytics Course in Jodhpur?

Expert Mentorship

Expert Mentorship

We have highly experienced and qualified mentors in our team to guide you. They are committed to helping aspirants achieve their learning and professional targets and mentor you throughout.

Dedicated Doubt Sessions

Dedicated Doubt Sessions

Mastering data analytics is no cakewalk as it involves various complicated concepts. Therefore, we conduct regular doubt sessions so that anyone can attend to all queries and discuss different topics.

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning

We conduct live interactive classes instead of pre-recording sessions. This allows you to communicate with mentors and fellow learners in real time, ensuring an engaging learning experience.

Hands-on Projects

Hands-on Projects

After completing every module, you will work on hands-on projects, applying your learning, knowledge, and skills to solve real-life business problems. This will enhance your learning and make you career-ready.

Placement Assistance

Placement Assistance

WsCube Tech also offers job assistance to all its learners. For this, we have collaborated with 100+ hiring partners, and our team will help you connect and schedule interviews with them.

Data Analytics Certification

Data Analytics Certification

Upon completing the course, you will be rewarded with an industry-recognised professional certificate that will add value to your resume and validate your capabilities.

Wscube Tech owner Kushagra bhatia

“It's time for you to future-proof your career!”

“We know that we are influencing the foundations of your future, and we take this responsibility very seriously. With WsCube Tech, I ensure that you always get top-class training backed by practical projects and future prospects. Wishing you a successful & future-proof career!”

Kushagra Bhatia, Founder, WsCube Tech

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We are proud to have positively influenced the career foundations for thousands of learners across India and Asian countries.



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Top Companies Hiring Data Analytics in India

Top Companies Hiring Data Analytics in India

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Data Analytics Course in Jodhpur FAQs

Data analytics is the process of examining large data sets to identify trends, patterns, and insights that can be used to inform business decisions.

There are no prerequisites to attend our data analysis course in Jodhpur. Any fresher, college learner, freelancer, or working professional can sign up for the course.

learners need 3 months to complete the entire course, including attending classes, submitting assignments, and giving tests.

Data analytics is a lucrative field, with many job and learning opportunities. Many companies- big and small, are looking for skilled data analysts to handle their projects and are ready to pay attractive salary packages to deserving candidates.

According to a recent survey, the demand for data analysts in India has increased by 400% in the past few years against the 19% increase in supply.

Moreover, data analytics training helps you acquire a range of problem-solving and analytical skills that can be used to draw meaningful insights and analyse huge amounts of data.

The starting salary package for a fresher can be around 6-8 LPA, provided you are working in a major city, such as Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore. An experienced data analyst with 5+ years of experience can land a job with a handsome salary package of 25+ LPA.

Any interested candidate can apply for our data analytics course in Jodhpur. Along with IT professionals, many non-IT professionals from the banking, marketing, and sales sectors are a part of our learners’ community.

This course is ideal for freshers but experienced learners who are working as project managers, BI professionals, information architects, software developers, and data analysts can also apply for the course.

WsCube Tech offers a data analytics certification course where you receive a professional certificate after completing the training. Add this certificate to your resume to validate your capabilities as a data analyst. Also, it will help you explore better opportunities and boost your career.

Yes. Upon completing the course and submitting all the assignments, feel free to get in touch with our job assistance team. Our experts will help you build a strong resume and find a job based on your expertise and interest.

Our data analytics course in Jodhpur covers:

  • Python Programming
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Power BI
  • Data modelling
  • AI visuals
  • SQL
  • Advanced Excel

A data analytics course can prepare you for roles such as data analyst, business intelligence analyst, data scientist, and data engineer.

Yes, our data analytics courses is designed in a way to to accommodate learners of all levels. So beginners can join it.

Launch your career in Data Analytics with WsCube Tech!

It’s time for you to become competitive by acquiring in-demand skills.

Book Your Free Class Now!

  • Python Programming
  • Data science libraries
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualisation
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Data modelling
  • AI visuals
  • SQL (basic to advanced)
  • Advanced MS Excel
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • Seaborn
  • DAX Functions
  • Dashboard creation
  • Database creation
  • Summarising data with pivot tables
  • 20+ projects

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