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  • Python Training

    Session 1 : Introduction
    • About Python
    • Installation Process
    • Python 2 vs Python 3
    • Basic program run
    • Compiler
    • IDLE User Interface
    • Other IDLE for Python
    Session 2: Types and Operations
    • Python Object Types
    Session 3 : Numeric Type
    • Numeric Basic Type
    • Numbers in action
    • Other Numeric Types
    Session 4 : String Fundamentals
    • Unicode
    • String in Action
    • String Basic
    • String Methods
    • String Formatting Expressions
    • String Formatting Methods Calls
    Session 5 : List and Dictionaries
    • List
    • Dictionaries
    Session 6 : Tuples, Files, and Everything Else
    • Tuples
    • Files
    Session 7 : Introduction Python Statements
    • Python’s Statements
    Session 8 : Assignments, Expression, and Prints
    • Assignments Statements
    • Expression Statements
    • Print Operation
    Session 9 : If Tests and Syntax Rules
    • If-statements
    • Python Syntax Revisited
    • Truth Values and Boolean Tests
    • The If/else ternary Expression
    • The if/else Ternary Expression
    Session 10 : while and for loops
    • while Loops
    • break, continue, pass , and the Loop else
    • for Loops
    • Loop Coding Techniques
    Session 11 : Function and Generators
    • Function Basic
    • Scopes
    • Arguments
    • Modules
    • Package
    Session 12 : Classes and OOP
    • OOP: The Big Picture
    • Class Coding Basics
    Session 13 : File Handling
    • Open file in python
    • Close file in python
    • Write file in python
    • Renaming and deleting file in python
    • Python file object method
    • Package
    Session 14 : Function Basic
    • Why use Function?
    • Coding function
    • A Frist Example: Definitions and Calls
    • A Second Example : Intersecting Sequences
    Session 15 :Linear List Manipulation
    • Understand data structures
    • Learn Searching Techniques in a list
    • Learn Sorting a list
    • Understand a stack and a queue
    • Perform Insertion and Deletion operations on stacks and queues
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