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  • PHP Training

    For Us our Students is our top priority. The training programme and curriculum has designed in such a smart way that the students could get familiar with industrial professionalism since the beginning of the training and till the completion of the curriculum.

    We provide Free Hosting and Domain Registration facility to our students to make their project live and working.
    Session 1: Introduction to PHP
    • Basic Knowledge of websites
    • Introduction of Dynamic Website
    • Introduction to PHP
    • Why and Scope of PHP
    • XAMPP and WAMP Installation
    Session 2: PHP Programming Basics
    • Syntax of PHP
    • Embedding PHP in HTML
    • Embedding HTML in PHP
    • Introduction to PHP Variable
    • Understanding Data Types
    • Using Operators
    • Writing Statements and Comments
    • Using Conditional Statements
    • If(), else if() and else if condition Statement
    • Switch() Statements
    • Using the while() Loop
    • Using the for() Loop
    Session 3: PHP Functions
    • PHP Functions
    • Creating an Array
    • Modifying Array Elements
    • Processing Arrays with Loops
    • Grouping Form Selections with Arrays
    • Using Array Functions
    • Using Predefined PHP Functions
    • Creating User-Defined Functions
    Session 4: PHP Advanced Concepts
    • Reading and Writing Files
    • Reading Data from a File
    • Managing Sessions and Using Session Variables
    • Creating a Session and Registering Session Variables
    • Destroying a Session
    • Storing Data in Cookies
    • Setting Cookies
    • Dealing with Dates and Times
    • Executing External Programs
    Session 5: Introduction to Database - MySQL Database
    • Understanding a Relational Database
    • Introduction to MySQL Database
    • Understanding Tables, Records and Fields
    • Understanding Primary and Foreign Keys
    • Understanding SQL and SQL Queries
    • Understanding Database Normalization
    • Dealing with Dates and Times
    • Executing External Programs
    Session 6: Working with MySQL Database & Tables
    • Creating MySQL Databases
    • Creating Tables
    • Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type
    • Adding Field Modifiers and Keys
    • Selecting a Table Type
    • Understanding Database Normalization
    • Altering Table and Field Names
    • Altering Field Properties
    • Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables
    • Dropping Databases and Table Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information
    Session 7: SQL and Performing Queries
    • Inserting Records
    • Editing and Deleting Records
    • Performing Queries
    • Retrieving Specific Columns
    • Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause
    • Using Operators
    • Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates
    • Limiting Results
    • Using Built-In Functions
    • Grouping Records
    • Joining Tables
    • Using Table and Column Aliases
    Session 8: Working with PHP & MySQL
    • Managing Database Connections
    • Processing Result Sets
    • Queries Which Return Data
    • Queries That Alter Data
    • Handling Errors
    Session 9: Java Script
    • Introduction to Java Script
    • Variables, operators, loops
    • Using Objects, Events
    • Common java script functions
    • Java Script Validations
    Session 10: Live PHP Project
    • Project Discussion
    • Requirements analysis of Project
    • Project code Execution
    • Project Testing
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Pankaj Rajput
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Sudarshan Dubaga
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Jitendra Jangid
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Tarun Malviya
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Ravinder Kumar
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Yogesh sharma
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