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  • Iphone Training

    For Us our Students is our top priority. The training programme and curriculum has designed in such a smart way that the students could get familiar with industrial professionalism since the beginning of the training and till the completion of the curriculum.
    Session 1: Introduction to Mac OS X / iPhone OS Technology overview
    • Iphone OS architecture
    • Cocoa touch layer
    • Iphone OS developer tool
    • Iphone OS frameworks
    • Iphone SDK(installation,tools,use)
    Session 2: Introduction to Objective – C 2.0 Programming language / Objective C2.0 Runtime Programming
    • Foundation framework
    • Objects,class,messaging,properties
    • Allocating and initializing objects,selectors
    • Exception handling,threading,remote messaging
    • Protocols ,categories and extensions
    • Runtime versions and platforms/interacting with runtime
    • Dynamic method resolution,Message forwarding,type encodings
    • Memory management
    Session 3: Cocoa Framework fundamentals
    • About cocoa objects
    • Design pattern
    • Communication with objects
    • Cocoa and application architectiure on Mac OS X
    Session 4: Iphone development quick start
    • Overview of native application
    • Configuring application/running applications
    • Using iphone simulator/managing devices
    Session 5: View and navigation controllers
    • Adding and implementing the view controller/Nib file
    • Configuring the view
    • Table views
    • Navigation and interface building
    • AlertViews
    Session 6: Advanced Modules
    • SQLite
    • User input
    • Performance enhancement and debugging
    • Multi touch functions,touch events
    • Core Data
    • Map Integration
    • Social Network Integration (Facebook, Twitter , Mail)
    Session 7: Submitting App to App Store
    • Creating and Downloading Certificates and Provisioning Profiles
    • Creating .ipa using certificates and provisioning profiles
    • Uploading App to AppStore
Our Placements
Laxmi Singha Ray
WsCube Tech
Bhagya Shree
WsCube Tech
Rupam Mukharjee
WsCube Tech
Vijay Singh Panwar
WsCube Tech
Varsha Parakh
WsCube Tech
Pulkit Jalani
WsCube Tech
Pravin Kumar
WsCube Tech
Manita Khichi
WsCube Tech
Jitender Bhargava
WsCube Tech
Harshit Panwar
WsCube Tech
Bharat Kumar Awtani
WsCube Tech
Manish Suthar
WsCube Tech
Gaurav jha
WsCube Tech
Ankit Awasthi
WsCube Tech
Mehtab Ram
WsCube Tech
Avinash Sankhla
WsCube Tech
Sanjay Singhal
WsCube Tech
Farhan Khan
WsCube Tech
Asif Khan
WsCube Tech
Dinesh Sharma
WsCube Tech
Jay Prakash Soni
WsCube Tech
Dhurv Dave
WsCube Tech
Pankaj Rajput
WsCube Tech
Sudarshan Dubaga
WsCube Tech
Jitendra Jangid
WsCube Tech
Tarun Malviya
WsCube Tech
Ravinder Kumar
WsCube Tech
Yogesh sharma
WsCube Tech

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