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  • Industrial Automation Engineer Training

    Session 1:Introduction to Automaton
    • What is Automation
    • Components of Automation
    • Typical Structure of Automation
    • History & Need of Industrial Automation
    • Hardware & Software of Automation
    • Leading Manufacturers
    • Areas of Application
    • Role of Automation Engineer
    • Career & Scope in Industrial Automation
    Session 2: PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
    • Digital Electronics Basics
    • What is Control?
    • How does Information Flow
    • What is Logic?
    • Which Logic Control System and Why?
    • What is PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
    • History of PLC
    • Types of PLC
    • Basic PLC Parts
    • Optional Interfaces
    • Architecture of PLC
    • Application and Advantage of PLCs
    • Introduction of PLC Networking (RS-232,485,422 & DH 485, Ethernet etc)
    • Sourcing and Sinking concept
    • Introduction of Various Field Devices
    • Wiring Different Field Devices to PLC
    • Programming Language of a PLC
    • PLC memory Organization
    • Data, Memory & Addressing
    • Data files in PLC Programming
    • PLC Scan Cycle
    • Description of a Logic Gates
    • Communication between PLC & PC
    • Monitoring Programs & Uploading, Downloading
    • Introduction of Instructions
    • Introduction to Ladder Programming
    Session 3: Programming Of PLC (Ladder Logics)
    • How to use Gates, Relay Logic in ladder logic
    • Addressing of Inputs/Outputs & Memory bit
    • Math’s Instruction ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV etc.
    • Logical Gates AND, ANI, OR, ORI, EXOR, NOT etc.
    • MOV, SET, RST, CMP, INC, DEC, MVM, BSR, BSL etc.
    • How to Programming using Timer & Counter
    • SQC, SQO, SQL, etc.
    Session 4:Advance Instruction in PLC
    • Jump and label instruction.
    • SBR and JSR instruction.
    • What is Forcing of I/O
    • Monitoring & Modifying Data table values
    • Programming on real time applications
    • How to troubleshoot & Fault detection in PLC
    • Interfacing many type sensors with PLC
    • Interfacing with RLC for switching
    • PLC & Excel communication
    Session 5: SCADA
    • Introduction to SCADA Software
    • How to Create  new SCADA Project
    • Industrial SCADA Designing
    • What is Tag & how to use
    • Dynamic Process Mimic
    • Real Time & Historical Trend
    • Various type of related properties
    • Summary & Historical Alarms
    • How to create Alarms & Event
    • Security and Recipe Management
    • How to use properties like Sizing, Blinking, Filling, Analog Entry, Movement of Objects, Visibility etc.
    • What is DDE Communication
    • Scripts like Window, Key, Condition & Application
    • Developing Various SCADA Applications
    • SCADA – Excel Communication
    • PLC – SCADA Communication
    Session 6:Electrical and Panel Design
    • Concept of earthling, grounding & neutral
    • Study and use of Digital Multimeter
    • Concept of voltmeter & Ammeter connection
    • Definition of panel
    • Different Types of panel
    • Relay & contactor wiring
    • SMPS(Switch mode power supply)
    • Different type protection for panel
    • Application MCB/MCCB
    • Different Instruments used in panel (Pushbuttons, indicators, hooters etc)
    • Different type of symbols using in panel
    • Maintains & Troubleshooting of panel
    • Study of live distribution panel
    Session 7: Industrial Instrumentation
    • Definition of Instrumentation.
    • Different Types of instruments
    • What is Sensors & Types
    • What is Transducers & Types
    • Transmitter & Receivers circuits
    • Analog I/O & Digital I/O
    • Different type sensors wiring with PLC
    • Industrial Application of Instrumentation
    • Flow Sensors & meters
    • Different type of Valves wiring
    • Proximate / IR Sensors
    • Inductive /Metal detector
    Session 8: Study of Project Documentation
    • Review of Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
    • Preparation of I/O list
    • Preparation of Bill Of Material (BOM)
    • Design the Functional Design Specification (FDS)
    • Preparing Operational Manuals (O & M)
    • Preparing SAT form
    • Preparing Panel Layout, Panel wiring and Module wiring in AutoCAD.
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