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  • Android Training

    For Us our Students is our top priority. The training programme and curriculum has designed in such a smart way that the students could get familiar with industrial professionalism since the beginning of the training and till the completion of the curriculum.
    Session 1: Android Smartphone Introduction
    Session 2: ADLC(Android Development Lifecycle)
    Session 3: Android Setup and Installation
    Session 4: Basic Android Application
    Session 5: Android Fundamentals
    • Android Definition
    • Android Architecture
    • Internal working of Android Applications on underlying OS
    Session 6: Activity
    • Activity Lifecycle
    • Fragments
    • Loaders
    • Tasks and Back Stack
    Session 7: Android Application Manifest File
    Session 8: Intent Filters
    Session 9: User Interface
    • View Hierarchy
    • Layout Managers
    • Buttons
    • TextFields
    • Checkboxes
    • Radio Buttons
    • Toggle Buttons
    • Spinners
    • Pickers
    • Adapters
    • ListView
    • GridView
    • Gallery
    • Tabs
    • Dialogs
    • Notifcations
    • Menu
    • WebView
    • Styles and Themes
    • Search
    • Drag and Drop
    • Custom Components
    Session 10: Android Design
    Session 11: Handling Configuration
    Session 12: Resource Types
    Session 13: Android Animation
    • View Animation
    • Tween Animation
    • Frame animation
    • Property Animation
    Session 14: Persistent data Storage
    • Shared Preference
    • Preference Screen
    • Sqlite Database
    Session 15: Managing Long Running Processes
    • UI Thread
    • Handlers and Loopers
    • Causes of ANR issue and its solution
    Session 16: Services
    • Service Lifecycle
    • Unbound Service
    • Bound Service
    Session 17: Broadcast Receivers
    Session 18: Content Providers
    Session 19: Web Services
    • Http Networking
    • Json Parsing
    • Xml Parsing
    Session 20: Google Maps
    Session 21: Android Tools
    Session 22: Publishing your App on Google market
Our Placements
Laxmi Singha Ray
WsCube Tech
Bhagya Shree
WsCube Tech
Rupam Mukharjee
WsCube Tech
Vijay Singh Panwar
WsCube Tech
Varsha Parakh
WsCube Tech
Pulkit Jalani
WsCube Tech
Pravin Kumar
WsCube Tech
Manita Khichi
WsCube Tech
Jitender Bhargava
WsCube Tech
Harshit Panwar
WsCube Tech
Bharat Kumar Awtani
WsCube Tech
Manish Suthar
WsCube Tech
Gaurav jha
WsCube Tech
Ankit Awasthi
WsCube Tech
Mehtab Ram
WsCube Tech
Avinash Sankhla
WsCube Tech
Sanjay Singhal
WsCube Tech
Farhan Khan
WsCube Tech
Asif Khan
WsCube Tech
Dinesh Sharma
WsCube Tech
Jay Prakash Soni
WsCube Tech
Dhurv Dave
WsCube Tech
Pankaj Rajput
WsCube Tech
Sudarshan Dubaga
WsCube Tech
Jitendra Jangid
WsCube Tech
Tarun Malviya
WsCube Tech
Ravinder Kumar
WsCube Tech
Yogesh sharma
WsCube Tech

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